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So, I just remembered I was planning on doing a weekly Good Things post. LOL! But better late than never. Here are some good things from the past week:

  • I participated in my second Sentinel chat, which was awesome!

  • Bunnies attacked me again, only this time they were werebunnies. I have dutifully jotted down notes and written a whole scene, even though it's the last thing I want to be working on right now. Creativity is a good thing, right?

  • I spent a fun evening with my boy while hubby was away. He actually deigned to spend time with me, so that was nice.

  • Started watching Twisted on Netflix, and I've been completely sucked in. That's good stuff!

I hope you've had some good things in the past week, too! Here's hoping for lots of happy in the coming week!
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I tell ya, it's just not fair. I try so hard to stay focused, especially now that I'm working under two deadlines - one for SGA Secret Santa and the other for my gal pal, who wants my haunted house fic done and posted by Halloween.

And yet somehow, out of the blue, I get this really awesome SGA bunny that totally took up all my free time last night when I went into research mode. Clearly I need some chemical help to rein my brain in. Is there something out there that's supposed to help with focus? Cause I need some, like yesterday. LOL!

In lieu of good drugs, I will type up my notes and then try to put this bunny out to pasture until I have the time to really play with it.

Maybe it's time to rethink the idea my gal pal and I had ages ago, about setting up a Bunny Preserve for anyone in need of inspiration. do I give up any of my bunnies? I've had some of them so long they're practically family. ::grins::


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