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This has not been a good morning, so I thought it would be an excellent time for a gratitude post, which I haven't done in a while. So. What am I grateful for today?

Granola. Specifically Honey Bunches of Oats Dark Chocolate granola, which I've been mixing in with yogurt in the morning for my breakfast. It's crunchy and delicious and, unlike some other types I've tried, no flax seeds to get stuck in my teeth. Win!

ChiCon. I'm nine days out from my very first fangasm aka Stargate Convention. I purchased two t-shirt specifically to wear there, and a new bra because who wants to meet DHew and JFlan with a dingy bra? Not this girl.

[ profile] comment_fic. I've done some really fun writing thanks to prompts on that comm. And there are some pretty kick-ass writers doing there thing there. That's where I met my new online BFF, [ profile] nagi_schwarz. She's one of the aforementioned kick-ass writers and her work regularly has me in tears. Those good, fic-induced tears where you don't mind having your heart ripped out because eventually there'll be happy endings. ::grins::

The kids from Stranger Things. I love them. I will watch every single interview they do, because they're adorable and funny and awesome, and I hope they have great careers without all the bad stuff that often seems to befall child actors.

Amazon Prime. I don't have it, but my ex does. Which essentially means I do. LOL! So when I needed to watch a particular ep of Doctor Who last night, I was able to just call it up on his account. This will also come in handy at Christmas, with all the fast, free shipping. Thanks for sharing your password with me, J!

My flist. Y'all are so nice and sweet and wonderful and supportive, and I love every single one of you! Muah! ::blows kisses::
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It's time for another gratitude post, friends. And I have a lot to be grateful for!

My Son's Health. My boy is big. Tall, but also wide. We met with a Pediatric Endocrinologist last week, to see if he was diabetic or had a thyroid problem. We're still waiting on the results of his bloodwork, but he's not even pre-diabetic (whew!) and the doctor didn't think there was a thyroid issue. Still need to meet with a dietician and get him more active, but I'm still relieved.

My Mom's Visit. My mom came to visit from Florida (I'm in NY) for the first time in about two years. Only five days, which definitely wasn't enough, but I had a great time hanging out with her. We even went apple picking for the first time ever - look how cold she was. LOL!

Baked Goods By Mail. I work at an Occupational Center, one of two that fall under the BOCES that employs me. The other center hired someone new that does part of the job that I do over here, so we chat via IM frequently because she has a lot of questions. In return for my being available, she frequently sends me food through the interoffice mail. Cookies, bread, muffins. Luckily for me she's a stress baker. ::grins:: So thanks, Cali!

Fic Feedback. I wrote nine new ficlets for the Monster Fest on [ profile] ushobwri this month, and I want to thank everyone who read them and left me kudos and comments. Feedback is love and I got tons of it! Thank you!

My Son's Bed. We are finally rid of the bunkbed! That's been a long time coming. Thanks to Joe for bringing over the new bed and doing the installation of that and the take-down of the old bed. It was a big job but my boy loves his new, big bed.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Posts on Tumblr got me curious about this show, which is handily up on Netflix. I thought, what the heck. I'll check out an ep. Ha! I rolled through all three seasons in record time and now I'm bereft because I don't know if there's going to be more. I don't think there will be. It's been a long time since I had a het ship, but I totally have one for Phryne and Jack. So much love! I literally couldn't stop watching that show. If you want a taste, here's the trailer for the first season.

My Surprise Gift Fic. The wonderful Tarlan surprised me with a McShep fic, Ice World, as a way to say thank you to me for leaving comments on her fics. I think this is such a wonderful idea, which I may steal at some point. And the fic was really good - John in danger, Rodney being heroic, feels, and creepy leviathans. All good things!

Life is pretty good at the moment, I have to say. Thanks to everyone who makes my world a better place, in big ways and small. I heart all of you!
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Well, maybe not full. But I do have some to share around, so let's get going and see what I'm grateful for at this moment in time.

My Anonymous Benefactor, who just gifted me with six months of paid LJ so that I might add more icons to my list. (Not so anonymous, since I know who you are, but I'll let you keep your little secrets like a secret keeping thing.) Now I have to go through my icon folder and see who gets to come out and play. ::grins::

My Officemate, who in addition to picking me up for work most days, has also been gifting me with homemade apple crisp because she has an overabundance of apples this year. If there's ever a time I turn down apple crisp, it's probably because I'm dead. I will eat it plain, with Cool Whip or, in the best of all possible worlds, with the vanilla sauce recipe I got from a friend in Finland. Mmmm.

My Son, who has been a little less of a pill about getting ready for school this year. Also, he's been complaining less about helping me with things around the house, for which I'm very grateful. I hope this trend continues.

Hulu Plus, which has given me so many more new things to watch for a low per-month cost. Not only is all of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis on there, but I've been enjoying things like Fresh Off the Boat and Fargo and Agent Carter. Between Hulu and Amazon, I can see most of what I want to without having to deal with cable. Yay!

My Sort-of-Ex Husband, who has finally found a solution to the bed problem. Hopefully sometime this week, my boy's bunkbed will finally be leaving us after months of unsuccessfully advertising it for sale. In its place will be a queen bed that we're hoping will fit where my boy wants it in his smallish bedroom. He's so incredibly excited. I'm sad at all the storage space we'll be losing. LOL!

The Weather, which has given me more mild temps during the day and nice, cool temps at nice which make me more willing to want to go to bed. I'm dreading winter, as I always do, but the leaves are starting to change and I love autumn. I'll try to enjoy it without thinking too far ahead. Stay in the now, Bru!

99 Cent Reads from Dreamspinner Press, because I get to try out some authors at a very minimal cost. Some of these novels and novellas just leave me shaking my head. But others have been really interesting reads, and I will definitely be looking for more from those authors. Definitely worth signing up for the newsletter and email alerts.

Appreciate the little things, right? ::grins:: It's all good!
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It's been a while since I counted my blessings. Let's see what I'm grateful for at the moment.

My Healthy Furbaby. So, my little cat, Grundy, had a vet emergency two weekends ago. There was a lot of stress involved - for both of us! - but he's now finished with his course of meds and he didn't have any of the dire conditions that the vet thought might be the culprit. Just a run-of-the-mill UTI. No crystals, no diabetes, no kidney problems.

Money Enough. My son is turning 12 tomorrow. And I'm so glad that I have the financial means to both give him a cool party and some cool presents. This is thanks in part to his dad, who is contributing half the funds, and in part to my hateful second job which at least pays me. ::grins:: So tomorrow there will be laser tag and pizza and hopefully some pool time if the weather holds. Not to mention Hobbit DVDs and random bobbleheads.

My Friends. I know, this is always on the list. But it can't be overstated. I love my friends, far and near, for all the support they give me. Special call-out to [ profile] taste_is_sweet this time around, and she knows why. ::hugs all of you::

My Muse. Instead of being annoyed by my muse's squirrel-like attention span, I am thankful for all the cool fic ideas he sends me. Even if I never get around to writing them all. Just getting the inspiration makes me feel like I'm still in the right place, and that focusing all my spare time on fic is time well spent. Just this week I got an idea for an MCU Tarzan AU, a Danielle Steel SGA fusion, and a story about Rodney and some Pegasus wildlife. Hopefully one of them will end up seeing the light of day. ::fingers crossed::

Tentacles. For the first time ever, I am participating in [ profile] tentaclebigbang. Also for the first time ever, it's with art and not fic (it's a reverse bang). I did a manip and someone picked it to write fic for! I'm so excited about that! Stories aren't due till September, so I have to deal with the agony of waaaaiiiting, but it was fun trying my hand at tentacle art. Thanks to [ profile] blythechild for bringing this to my attention and pushing me to do it.

Hulu Plus. Now I'll have an even harder time catching up with shows. My boy begged for this, so he could watch more eps of Fairy Tail than Netflix has up. Now he's rewatching Community and Sleepy Hollow, and has started Vikings. We've both discovered the awesomeness that is Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I once again have Wolf Larson's cheesy Tarzan back in my life. So this is really a good thing/bad thing. LOL! I should probably cancel my month-long free trial before the bill comes due, but...Wolf Larson! ::grabby hands::
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It's been a little while since I put up a gratitude post. So let's see what I'm feeling grateful for right now. Hmmm. ::ponders::

Jurassic World. I'm so glad I have the money to go see this with my boy tonight. I love all the Jurassic Park movies (yes, even the bad ones) and I've really been looking forward to this one. Let's see what you got, Chris Pratt! ::rubs hands together gleefully::

College Reunion. My BFF and former roommate had to practically drag me to this, but I'm so glad I went! Twenty years, I feel so old. And the campus has changed a lot. If you're wondering, I attended St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY. Great experience there! It was nice seeing some old familiar faces and getting to spend time with Annie, which I haven't done in a long time even though she only lives a couple hours from me. Here's us back in the day (I'm the cute one, LOL!):

My bed. I came back from the above-mentioned reunion to houseguests, who'd come in the day before. My friend Anna and her husband, visiting from Finland. She'd lived with my family way back in 1989-90 as an exchange student, when I was a junior in high school. We mostly hated each other that year, but since then she's grown on me. LOL! But since I live in a teeny, tiny apartment she and Tuomo got the bed and I got to bunk in with my boy. Forty-something women should NOT sleep in bunk beds. So while the visit was really nice, I was soooo happy to get back into my big, comfy bed.

Fic comments. My Sentinel Reverse Bang posted yesterday (no AO3 link yet, stay tuned for that). This fic took me forever to get done, and I pretty much hated it all the way through. But I've been getting such nice comments on it, and when I reread it yesterday after some time away from it, I was happy to see it actually isn't as bad as I thought it was. So thank you, readers, for making me feel so much better about it! ::hugs::

CROP. What is that, you may ask? I believe the acronym stands for Creating Rural Opportunities & Partnerships. I'm grateful for it because this is a program my son attends every day after school, from 3-5. The provide healthy snacks, homework help, and a variety of activities such as building robotic arms, learning survival skills (presumably for when the robotic arms go rogue), dance, art, and foreign language. And at the end of the year each year, the CROP kids go on a trip that's fully funded by the program. This year they're taking the kids to NYC to see The Lion King on Broadway. I cannot express how jealous I am about this. My boy wasn't sure he wanted to go, but there was no way he was missing that opportunity. Especially since it's not costing me one red cent. Programs like this are so important in rural areas like mine, where the kids tend to be from more disadvantaged homes. As a working mom I'm so appreciative of everything they do.

Everyone on my flist. I don't comment regularly on your posts but I do read them and I love all of you. So please accept ::hugs:: for the bad days you've been having, ::high fives:: for your awesome achievements, and ::giggles:: for all the funny you bring to my day.
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It's been a while since I did a gratitude post. Let's see what I'm thankful for right now. Hmmm. ::ponders::

Spring Weather. Even though this week it's all 40s and drizzle, last week it was 60s and sunshine. I opened my windows. I was spurred into some housecleaning that was way overdue. More importantly, I have hope for more sunny, warm days in the near future. Plus? The peepers are peeping! Life is good.

My Awesome Son. Not just because he made the Principal's List again this quarter (smarty pants), but because when I least expect him to be chill, that's totally what he is. His dad came over on Saturday so we could bring him up to speed on J's living situation (he's living with his girlfriend and her three kids). My boy's concern? Is there wifi. ::rolls eyes:: He did tell J that he felt bad for him, having to live with three kids now. LOL!

My Muse. Which, while not gifting me with the words I need for my Reverse Bang, has finally given me a chance to write the birthday fic for my friend Sharon that I've been trying to write the last two years. So...this might finally be the year! Maybe!

My Not-Quite-Ex Husband. Because he remembered my birthday and gave me a card. You know who didn't send me a card? My mom, my dad, and my MIL. They all need to hang their heads in shame, because the person they mostly dump on is the one who came through. Now he just needs to come through with the child support payments, which are supposed to start up the end of this week now that he finally has a paying job. Show me the money!! Hee!

Everyone Who Remembered My Birthday. My flisties, my Shoobies, both internet wives, my grandparents, my work friends, and my aunt. My mom did end up sending an e-card and a gift, but she still has points deducted for not planning ahead. Extra points to Facebook, which helpfully notified people and filled my day with birthday greetings. ::grins::

80s Comfort Movies. I spent Saturday night watching such classics as Moonstruck, The Big Chill, Ghostbusters, and My Science Project. These are all movies I don't even really need to watch because I can recite them by heart. I spent a long, fruitless time searching for Peggy Sue Got Married, which I was sure I had on DVD but apparently do not. It is now in my Amazon cart, waiting for funding. ::grins:: IT WILL BE MINE!
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I don't know why people dread having birthdays past a certain age. Me? I've really been enjoying mine so far. All the Facebook greetings have been excellent for my self-esteem, and my [ profile] ushobwri Shoobies have been heaping on the love and birthday songs. ::grins::

Not to mention my friends and family who have been so very generous with gift-giving. I always say, as long as the presents keep coming I'll keep celebrating. LOL!

My SIL, who works in the same building I do, took me out for "lunch" at a local eatery today. And yes, fries and ice cream is a totally appropriate birthday lunch for a woman in her 40s. I'll fight anyone who says different!

After work there will be alcoholic beverages and pizza with some friends, and then the rest of my delicious Entenmann's birthday cake. I meant to save the whole thing for today, but I lack the willpower. It's my favorite cake!

Thanks to everyone who sent me greetings and gifts and all the love, love, love! Without you this birthday would definitely suck.

Now excuse me while I stare at my mailbox and wait impatiently for my Winter Soldier bobble head to arrive. ::stares::
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It's been a while since I posted about the happy things happening in my life, and there are lots, so here it goes!

Thank you, Annie! For getting a double room with you and your hubby during reunion weekend at St. Bonnies. I'm so excited to be able to go! Twenty years, I can't even stand how old that makes me feel. LOL!

Thank you, Mods! This one is way overdue, at least in a public forum. My wonderful [ profile] ushobwri mods - [ profile] blueraccoon, [ profile] blythechild, [ profile] dhampyresa, [ profile] joidianne4eva, and [ profile] taste_is_sweet - all chipped in to get me a laptop when mine went to the big electronic scrap heap in the sky. You all saved my life!

Thank you, tax return! This is the first year I was able to get a full refund, for reasons, and it came at just the right time. I was able to use some for my trip, and most of the rest to pay bills, buy lots of groceries, and order a lot of things I needed for around the house - vacuum that actually sucks! wireless printer/scanner! phone that doesn't randomly disconnect calls!

Thank you, Caitlin! For making my second job less annoying because you're so much fun to work with. When we're scheduled together those are the fun nights, and busting my hump for 3-4 hours without a break isn't so bad.

Thank you, brain! You finally let me finish my [ profile] romancingmcshep fic, which I was starting to despair would ever happen. And even though you had me mostly convinced this fic sucked donkey gonads, that turned out not to be the case after all. Tricky brain!

Thank you, Pandora! For not playing any Backstreet Boys songs today. Not that I'm against them, but lately every other song seemed to be from their Greatest Hits album. Nothing but the good stuff today, for which I am greatly appreciative.

Thank you, young cashier whose name might be Daisy! You were very surprised that I have an 11 year old son, you said I didn't look old enough. You are now my new best friend.

Thank you, Boss! The donut selection you brought in today included the most amazing apple fritters, which I'd been craving. I was a very happy woman at lunch today.
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...a chocolate glazed donut that I didn't have to pay for!

...laughing with my boy over stupid movies!

...writing Christmas-themed fics!

...finding my long-lost vanilla sauce recipe!

...reading an excellent fic that stays with me for days!

...counting down the days until Thanksgiving and my annual viewing of March of the Wooden Soldiers!

...old pics for TBT on Facebook!

Mom and Me

Mom and Me, circa 1974
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So, [ profile] firesign10 tagged me for this meme post like ages ago. I'm trying to clean out my inbox so I thought it was well past time to do it. I give you Five Nice Things about me.

1. I'm pretty flexible. (No, not that way! Jeez!) I never thought I was but in recent years I've learned that I can bend pretty far without actually breaking, and that's definitely been a helpful skill.

2. I have shapely legs. I just wish I was taller so I had more of them. ::grins::

3. Digital scrapbooking is the other creative thing I do well (besides writing). I love capturing moments in my family, good and bad, that my son can look back on one day.

4. I'm a damn good mom.

5. I've learned how to value myself more. I can be strong standing on my own, and I can vocalize my needs instead of just focusing on everyone else's. That's something I really need right now, so I'm glad about the timing.

I'm not tagging anyone, because I just don't feel taggish today. But anyone in my flist is welcome to participate and share five nice things about themselves!
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First, the good things:

Weather permitting, looks like I'll be going to Florida for Christmas this year to visit with my mom and my grandparents. Leaving winter behind for a few days? Yes, please!

My son is super-incredible and I love him to pieces. Even though just as often this week he's been breaking my heart. (see below cut)

My family and friends have been awesome. I'm so lucky to have each and every one of them. Near, far, or online only, I always have someone to talk to.

I'm proud of myself, and how I'm handling things. (see below cut) I thought for sure I'd be curling up in a ball and staying that way for a week or so, but I've been keeping it together.

Now, the bad stuff:

Read more... )

Anyway, this is why I haven't been as much of a presence on here the last few days. Haven't done any writing, and very little socializing. Once things settle down a bit I'm hoping to get back to business as usual. Whatever that looks like these days.
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Well, it's the end of the positivity meme friends. Some days have been harder than others in terms of coming up with something good to share, but I think I can nail it today. Let's see!

  • My mom is home from the hospital! She only had to stay one night, and they still don't know why she was having chest pains (her heart is fine, thank goodness), but I was understandably nervous. I was able to talk to her earlier and she sounds really, really good. So crisis averted, at least for the moment. Whew!

  • [ profile] taste_is_sweet has finally posted her epic MCU fic, Crash Down (Break This Heart of Mine). Tomorrow I plan to settle in with some hot cocoa and see all the new ways she's found to pile the angst on Bucky and Ward. Based on my knowledge of her oeuvre thus far, I feel confident in saying I won't be the slightest bit disappointed.

  • I'm watching a documentary on Netflix called I Know That Voice and it's really, really interesting. We watch a lot of animated content at our house and we always check the voices in the credits. I think voice actors are so, so talented and it's amazing how they can just switch voices at the drop of a hat. I'm really enjoying it.

  • Bonus! It's just me and my boy tonight. We had a very nice dinner together - homemade chicken fingers and French fries - and watched a movie that somehow ended up on my Netflix queue and arrived in the mail a few days ago. It's called The Knights of Badassdom, and stars that guy from Community and that guy from True Blood and that guy from Game of Thrones and that girl from Firefly. LOL! We had fun picking out all the actors we knew. The movie itself was cheesy and hilarious, and is now my boy's favorite movie. I love that I can spend this kind of fun quality time with him. He's such a goon. Now he wants to go LARPing. LOL!
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Let's see what I have to feel positive about today:
  • I was able to do some serious clean-up on my billing database at work today. I know that doesn't sound very exciting but it sure is to me. The darn thing hadn't been updated since 2003, so there were a gazillion old records in there. I love making things more organized!

  • I love that my Tumblr dash has so much SGA on it! Five years off the air and still I get to see new pics, screencaps, gifs and fics every day. Some days all I need is a little McShep to get me through. LOL!

  • This t-shirt design from Tee Fury:

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Here are some positive things today:
  • I have FINALLY watched Captain America: Winter Soldier. Just as angsty as advertised. LOL! There were no real surprises - I'd already read too many fics and spent time on Tumblr which is full of gifs - but it was nice finally seeing the source material. I can see what the draw is for Bucky. The scene where he asks Pierce how he knows Steve was heart-wrenching. I read that Sebastian Stan is signed on for 9 MCU movies, so I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

  • Made my hubby go to the doctor today for his annoyingly hacking cough, which isn't going away. Good news there - his lungs are clear. And to be proactive against another bout of pneumonia he was prescribed a Z pack. In the meantime, I'm glad he's working tonight so that I can actually get some sleep. ::yawns::

  • I leave you with this H50 video, crafted by the ever-awesome [ profile] stellarmeadow. This just might be my favorite video of all time, thanks to the incredibly appropriate song and superior editing. I laugh every time I watch it. And you will too!

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Today's run-down of positivity:

  • I utilized the two hours I was stuck at court waiting on hubby by writing. Six regular-sized notebook pages of an SGA fic I'm working on, and ten mini-sized notebook pages of an SGA bunny that Tumblr threw at me yesterday. Productive!

  • My annual physical went well. Best news ever: since last year's physical I lost 12 pounds! Probably due to stress but I'll take it anyway. ::grins::

  • Lastly, I saw this very sweet thing on Tumblr. These little old ladies got married after being together for seventy two years. It's never too late! Also, how cute are they??

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Must be I've been crabby lately because [ profile] alisanne has tagged me to do this positivity meme thing. And since I gleefully read all her HP drabbles I figure I owe her for my continued lack of comment.

Rules: Post three positive things a day for five days. And I have to tag three peeps as well. So come join the party [ profile] blueraccoon, [ profile] popkin16 and [ profile] blythechild!

Now for the three things:

  • We had an ice cream social at work today for the kids as a kind of welcome back to school thing. The weather was beautiful so we were able to do it out at the pavilion. And Stewart's donated all the fixings, which was awesome. The kids had a great time and so did those of us who helped serve and set up. It felt like a last hurrah to summer.

  • I finally beat the level of Candy Crush I've been stuck on for weeks. Darn game! But man, I was so happy I was about ready to dance around the house!

  • Thanks to some unexpected money from my MIL I was able to do some supplemental grocery shopping and keep enough leftover to get a pair of pants for my boy, who has outgrown everything. Eventually hubby's paychecks will start rolling in and we can outfit him properly. But jeans are a good start.

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I have been remiss about my Happy Things posts. ::hangs head:: My poor, tired brain just can't maintain coherency most days. But I remembered for today, so here are some things I'm grateful for:

  • Kindness from unexpected places. My brother took what was shaping up to be a perfectly crappy Saturday and changed it right around. Thanks, E!

  • SGA fandom. I posted a little gift fic yesterday and I already have so many wonderful comments on it, plus I was fic recced for the first time by [ profile] stargateficrec for that self-same fic. I'm on cloud nine!

  • The kids at the pool yesterday who didn't know my son but played with him anyway, so that I didn't have to. (The water was cold, y'all!)

  • My baby sister, who turned 4 today. She's smart as a whip and despite the myriad health problems she was born with is in fine shape these days. I don't see her much, but she's the kind of kid who'll say on the phone "And how is Joe?" when I talk to her. ::shakes head:: Happy Birthday, Athina!
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So, I just remembered I was planning on doing a weekly Good Things post. LOL! But better late than never. Here are some good things from the past week:

  • I participated in my second Sentinel chat, which was awesome!

  • Bunnies attacked me again, only this time they were werebunnies. I have dutifully jotted down notes and written a whole scene, even though it's the last thing I want to be working on right now. Creativity is a good thing, right?

  • I spent a fun evening with my boy while hubby was away. He actually deigned to spend time with me, so that was nice.

  • Started watching Twisted on Netflix, and I've been completely sucked in. That's good stuff!

I hope you've had some good things in the past week, too! Here's hoping for lots of happy in the coming week!
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Okay, I'm totally taking a page from [ profile] draycevixen's book and taking this opportunity to list some positive things that have happened to me recently. This may or may not turn into a regular thing, since I'm notorious for forgetting to be regular. ::winks::

So in the interest of fostering happy thoughts and getting Eeyore out of my head, here are some good things to fight back against the sucking hole that is Monday:

  • I helped my boy with his Lego school project and he was so happy with how well it turned out. His basic idea was good but he needed help with the execution. Also, I love that little Lego tool that saves my poor nails when I separate bricks. Whoever invented it is a genius.

  • I was able to talk to both my mom and my grandma on Mother's Day, which I never take for granted.

  • I dug myself a little deeper into fandom and participated in a Sentinel chat, compliments of the fine people at [ profile] ts_news. The warm welcome I received is just another reason why fanlife rocks!

  • I get to spend Monday hanging with the Shoobies on [ profile] ushobwri, which today means looking at inspirational pics of Alan Rickman and watching an awesomely slashy video of Batman and Superman. LOL!

Good things all. I'll have to see how many more I can collect this week. Stay positive, peeps!

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