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The happiest of happy birthdays to the wonderful and prolific [ profile] alisanne! The only Harry Potter fic I read is the stuff she posts here on LJ, and she hooks me right in. Plus? Her sexytimes are ridiculously sexy. Like, "Why am I reading this at work?" sexy. ::grins::

Alisanne was hoping I'd write something for her HP OTP, Snarry, for her birthday. And I really wanted to! But I found myself unexpectedly intimidated. I've read the books, seen the movies, and read the fics. But writing in the fandom? ::big eyes::

But! That doesn't mean I'm leaving the lovely Alisanne empty-handed. For her birthday, a little Snarry fanart. I hope you like it, sweetie, and that you have the bestest birthday! Smooch!

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All the love for the one and only [ profile] popkin16, who is celebrating her birthday today. Popkin is a lovely human being who leaves the best ever fic comments and deserves all the happiness in the world. I hope you have a great day, sweetie!

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Hey, guess what? It's [ profile] blythechild's birthday today! ::tosses confetti:: She's been writing a ton of Criminal Minds fic lately, which you should absolutely check out.

Also, Spencer and Phineas wanted to wish Blythe a happy birthday too. If you want to know more about Phineas, you should read Blythe's fic The Day The Circus Comes To Town. For reals, it's a hoot!

Have a great, great birthday, Blythe! You deserve it!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] taste_is_sweet!!

If y'all don't know my friend Taste, you should! She's an amazing writer, an amazing friend, and an all-around amazing person. We met through mutual fic admiration, and it was Taste who suggested I check out LJ and sign up for some things. Changed my life!

Do you like all the angst with your fic? Taste brings it in spades with both her fan fic and her published orig fic. She is particularly skilled at putting her characters in seemingly hopeless situations and then working magic to give them the happy endings they deserve.

Taste is the one who put Bucky Barnes in my fic crosshairs. And so, in honor of her birthday, I wrote her a little something.

Have a super spectacular day, Taste!!

Title: Bucky Crosses the Line
Fandom: MCU
Series: Making Connections
Pairing: Stucky (still kind of pre-slash)
Characters: Steve, Bucky, Sam, Bruce, Tony, Clint
Warnings: surprisingly none

Summary: Steve hadn’t seen or heard from Bucky in almost a month, but when he does finally turn up again it's not at all how Steve expected. It's so much better.
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A very Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] draycevixen! I hope you have a great day!!

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The boys and I want to wish [ profile] joidianne4eva the happiest of birthdays! She's a great person, a great mod and a great writer, and she deserves to have a great, great day!

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A very Happy Birthday to [ profile] melagan, who deserves all the love today!

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::coughs pathetically::

I have been sick, friends. Last Monday I woke up with a cough and it just went downhill from there. Flu test was negative. Strep test was negative. Doc finally diagnosed me with pneumonia and gave me three days of antibiotics. So I'm feeling much better, except for the cough that doesn't want to go away.

Yesterday was my first day back at first job, and tonight will be my first day back at second job. I'm already feeling the loss of the afternoon nap I got used to taking. I don't imagine I'll be worth much by the time my shift is over.

Being sick put a real wrench in the works in regards to writing things and getting them finished for deadlines. But I did manage to get some things done. Including my [ profile] romancingmcshep fic, which I sent off to be beta'd today. Posting to follow soonest!

I neglected gushing over [ profile] blueraccoon, my dear Shoobie friend and awesome person in general. Her birthday was on Monday, and unfortunately she's getting sick too. But she should absolutely be celebrated, not the least for finishing her epic Star Trek fic quite recently. (Like, triple digit wordcount epic. For reals.) Love you, Becc!

I cheated on International Fanworks Day by posting just the art I'd done to accompany my fic. The written scenes have been posted as I finish them. Still to finish are my [ profile] sgareversebang and [ profile] picfor1000. Hopefully I can make more headway now that my brain fog has lifted.

Here are some fics that got posted in the last couple of weeks but not mentioned here:

List Under Cut )
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The happiest of Happy Birthdays to my wonderful friend [ profile] nagi_schwarz! She works hard, she plays hard, and she writes all the good, angsty fic! But don't take my word for it. What does Deputy Andy think about Nagi?

My gift to Nagi was the latest installment in my Honky Tonk Blues 'verse, for which she has been incredibly supportive. Here be the deets:

Title: I'll Be There For You
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Series: Honky Tonk Blues
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney, Woolsey, Jeannie, Kaleb
Warnings: dysfunctional family drama

Prompt: LJ Comment Fic for Hurt/Comfort prompt: Any (please no SPN), any/any, sharing a favourite treat after {Bad Thing}

In which Jeannie and Rodney have family drama and John is there to offer support.
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As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I want to send Birthday Greetings to [ profile] selenic76. She is a delightful human being on every level and I'm so pleased to count her among my fic friends! Happy Birthday, Selenic! I hope you had a great day!

In other news, fic writing has happened. In addition to filling some prompts at [ profile] comment_fic, I've also started participating in the [ profile] mcsheplets prompt community. All the prompts! LOL! I'm also throwing some words at my [ profile] romancingmcshep fic and my [ profile] sgareversebang. Deadlines loom!

Here's what I've posted since my last update:

List Under Cut )
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I hope everyone who was/is celebrating this month is having or has had a wonderful time of it!

My Christmas celebrations, spread out over four days, went very well. I got to spend time with just about everyone in my family, which was nice, and there was no shortage of food. A personal highlight for me was going to my mother-in-law's for lunch. She dragged my son off and when he came back he looked like this:

Pic under cut )

He'd never have done that for me, but his grandmother can get him to do anything. LOL! Most of the other pics I have of my boy from the holiday festivities feature his usual stone-faced expression, which he gets from his father. Because why would he want anyone to know he's having a good time? Kids.

Went to see Star Wars: Rogue One last night. It was awesome. And heart-breaking. It was similar to my experience going to see Titanic all those years ago. "Maybe they won't hit the iceberg this time!" ::shakes head:: Ah, well. One of the things that made me the most excited? Lady X-Wing pilots! Woo! And then of course I got the news about Carrie Fisher. Can we please not lose anyone else now? Please?

Okay, on to happier things. Like wishing a belated Happy Birthday to [ profile] annieb1955! I hope you had a great birthday!

Also, I have fic! Not a lot of fic, because the muse has been flighty and RL has been crazy. But I did manage to get two of my three holiday fics finished and posted. Still working on the third. Ideally I'd get that done before the New Year, but probably not. So here's the latest:

List under cut )
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A very Happy Birthday to the wonderful, kind-hearted, Queen of Due South fic, [ profile] ride_4ever! I had the pleasure of meeting her while I was in Chicago this year for the Stargate con and I'm so glad I did. What a sweetheart!

Nothing but good wishes for you on your birthday, Ride, and for the year to come! From me, the grumpy child known to some as Alex, and of course...the boys!

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Here I am, with a post full of belatedness.

Happy American Thanksgiving! Happy Birthday [ profile] elderwitty! Happy everything else I've missed since my last post. ::grins::

Things have not been going well, friends. My brother is going through a divorce, and not a nice, chill one like mine. He got booted from his house, so he's set up shop on my couch for the unforeseeable future. I love my brother, I do. But not every single day in my tiny apartment. He's also unemployed, so there hasn't been any help with things like groceries, although he's been doing some handyman things and a lot of cooking. (He cooked for me on Thanksgiving because I had to work.)

Even better is that his girlfriend also spends the weekends living on my couch. Too. Many. People. Seriously, my apartment is tiny.

The most immediate fallout from this situation is that my writing has dropped off to almost nothing. I have no quiet time. No alone time. My brother went visiting relatives this past weekend and told me to enjoy the solitude. Which is funny, because I worked all day Friday, was out of the house for my own holiday visiting all day Saturday, and then he was back on Sunday.

Needless to say I'm very worried about my Secret Santa deadline, which is December 7th. I've made almost no progress on it, unless you count restarting it about four or five times. Not good, not good, not good. If anyone has a direct line to the powers that be, please put in a good word for my brother. He needs a job and an apartment that isn't mine. Please and thank you!

But somewhere along the line I did find time to write, so here's my one thing:

Title: Dance With the Devil
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney
Warnings: Murder, dark character, description of a corpse

Prompt: Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, John's the charismatic serial killer who's been terrorizing people all over [east/west coast/state/area] and Rodney's the FBI officer who's been chasing after him.
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Getting this in just under the wire!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! To the wonderful [ profile] squidgiepdx, who deserves all the love and adoration that is his due today.

I couldn't get you a cake, Squidgie, but I hope you'll accept this gift of smutty SGA porn instead. ::grins:: And I hope you had a really good birthday!

Title: Getting It
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McShep
Warnings: Porny porn

Summary: Colonel Sheppard is straight. Probably. Until the day Rodney gets some definitive proof that says otherwise.
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I am incredibly lame, so these are incredibly late. BUT! Very happy birthday wishes to [ profile] alisanne and [ profile] firesign10! The only reason I read so much Harry Potter and Supernatural fic is because you gals write it so very well, so thank you for that! And I hope your birthdays were awesome!
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First off, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the incomparable [ profile] popkin16! You are sweet, and thoughtful, and one of the best people I know! And you deserve all the good things. ::birthday hugs::

In writing news, I can report that I did some this past week, even though I don't have much to show for it. I'm back to work, and boy, am I missing that lovely week where I had nothing to do. But I'm close to finishing a thing, and I've made good progress on a new thing that's going to be pretty long, and so won't see the light of day for a while. Overall, progress is being made.

This week I have two fics to share:

Title: Amongst the Stars
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Carson, Teyla, Ronon
Warnings: (temporary) ascension, lots of feels

Prompt: Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Starlight.

In which death doesn't always mean the end of things.

Title: Your Son
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Series: That McShep Boy
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney, AJ, Teyla, Ronon, Woolsey, Original Characters
Warnings: BAMF Rodney, implied child endangerment

Prompt: Stargate: Atlantis, any, A Monster Calls

In which the author finally reveals AJ's origin story, which involves much freaking out, drama and heroic rescuing.
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Happiest of Happy Birthdays to [ profile] blythechild!! I hope you have a fantastic day! And so does this fellow, who's waiting for you to come for a birthday swim:

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Now, how the heck did this happen so fast? How did we go from here:

To here?

My little Boo turns 13 today (officially at 10:17pm). I am the mom of a teenager. I mean, I knew it was coming, but still...whoa. This is a boy who like Xbox games and anime and Maroon 5 and hamburgers, who is already growing facial hair and having his voice change but still likes to cuddle. And oh, the sarcasm! LOL!

Happy Birthday, Xander. You may be taller than me now, but you're still my little Bug!
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It is my extreme pleasure to wish my sister-from-another-mister, [ profile] taste_is_sweet, a very Happy Birthday today!

We met through mutual fic appreciation, and somewhere along the way that deepened into a real friendship, long-distance though it may be. Taste is a wonderful friend, and an amazing writer. Seriously. Check out her fics on AO3. She was writing SGA when our acquaintance started (and Keepsakes will never not be my favorite SGA story ever), but MCU has completely taken her over and so far attempts to undue the brainwashing have been unsuccessful. ::grins:: That's okay, though, because the way she writes, oh, man. Angst times eleventy, but almost always with a happy/hopeful ending. And if you think it's impossible to have angst with a My Little Pony crossover, you'd be sadly mistaken.

But that's not all! Taste is also a published author of some very fine, slashy novels. Black Hawk Tattoo is my fave, for reasons, but they're all really good.

So happy birthday, Taste! You're a fabulous person and you deserve to have a fabulous birthday! And if you don't believe me, just ask Seb himself:

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I have some birthday greetings to sprinkle around today, for two awesome ladies!

[ profile] darkmoore, my friend from far away, is celebrating a birthday today (though her day is already half over). We've done a teensy bit of collaborating, and a whole lot of just chit-chatting about the state of our lives. She's an excellent cheerleader, and so much fun to argue with. ::grins:: Have a great birthday, sweetie!

(I had a cool Gadreel pic for you, but for some reason LJ won't let me upload it. Grrr.)

[ profile] draycevixen is full of snark and hilarity and just plain awesomeness! I celebrate you today, and hope you're having a stellar birthday full of wonderful things!

(Also...grrr! Why won't LJ let me load pictures? I had festive birthday pictures!)

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