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A very happy birthday to my new friend and partner in SGA crime, [ profile] nagi_schwarz! And such a milestone birthday, too. I hope you have a great day!

And, because I hate coming to a birthday empty-handed, I made a thing. Nagi and I met over on [ profile] comment_fic, where she has crafted the most amazing crossover 'verse. You should totally check it out it. If you want to know why, just take a gander at today's post at [ profile] stargateficrec.

(the base Sheppard manip isn't mine, I found it online, but I added the rest)
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A very, very Happy Birthday to the ever delightful and ego-boosting [ profile] popkin16! You're my writing twin and just a ridiculously nice person, and I hope you have that great day that you deserve. And so do these guys:

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Baby Octopus stopped by to wish [ profile] blythechild a very, very Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day, bb! ::hugs::

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A very happy birthday to the brilliant and wonderful [ profile] bghost! I hope you have a GREAT day, and so do these guys:

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So, I posted two gift fics in the last two days. After an April with no fics posted at all, I'm so happy to post anything! LOL!

I finished a porny little SGA fic, which I gifted to my friend Smiles2go because I still haven't finished her official birthday fic (so long! so many characters!). Here's the info on that one:

Title: Purloined
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McShep
Warnings: Explicit sexy fun times and bad language

Summary: John knows he should clear up the laundry mix-up, but not before he takes Rodney's high-end sheets for a test-drive.

And for the ever-delightful [ profile] taste_is_sweet I posted a birthday fic (It's her birthday today! Happy Birthday, bb!) featuring her new favorite broken boy, Bucky Barnes.

Title: Bucky Reaches Out
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America Movies
Pairing: Steve/Bucky (just a hint, really, it's mostly gen)
Warnings: Emotional angst

Summary: Bucky is troubled by some Avengers marketing, and looks to Steve to help him understand who he is now that he's not the Winter Soldier anymore.
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I have been remiss in expressing my birthday well-wishes to [ profile] goddess47 and [ profile] starbuckssue! ::hangs head in shame:: I hope you both had wonderful birthdays, and please accept my gift of John and Rodney in apology. ::grins::

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] darkmoore! I know you've been having a rough go of it lately, so here's a little birthday ficlet to cheer you up. I was a little sleep deprived last night when I was finishing it, so keep that in mind. ::grins::

Rodney’s No Good, Very Bad, But Getting Better Day

Fic under the cut )
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] draycevixen! Look who I found online:

"What are you reading, Mr. Reece?"

"I found these stories online."

Harold pointedly looked around the room, walls lined with first editions. "I believe I could recommend something a bit more to your liking."

"I really don't think so."

Reece clicked back and showed Harold a page of stories written by someone with the username draycevixen. Harold was going to lodge another protest when he looked closer, and his eyes widened behind his glasses.

"This person is writing about us? How is that possible?"

"I'm sure you'll find out," Reece said confidently. "In the should read this one. There are some intriguing suggestions."

"Suggestions for what?" Harold asked, but there was a familiar look in Reece's eyes that made his cheeks flush. "Oh. Perhaps further investigation is indicated."

They never did finish reading the story.
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The happiest of happy birthdays to [ profile] joidianne4eva, fellow Shoobie and mod extraordinaire. I hope you have a great day full of wonderful, wonderful things!

And here's Jake, ready to give you a birthday hug...Losers style!

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Did you know that [ profile] melodysparks is having a birthday today? Well, she totally is!

I hope you have a great and wonderful day! John and Rodney have your back, so feel free to cut loose! ::grins::
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The happiest of birthday wishes to [ profile] melagan! The boys wanted to share their well wishes, too. ::grins::

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A very happy birthday to my dear and wonderful friend [ profile] blueraccoon, who is one awesome chick for a billion different reasons.

I hope you had a great birthday, because you really deserve it! Thank you for being such a great Shoobie Mod and a kick-ass friend! ::hugs::

(Khan wants to help with those pesky birthday candles.)
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Birthday greetings to the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, phenomenally awesome [ profile] selenic76!

Selenic Bday Wishes
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] busaikko, from the boys and I! Hope it's a good one!

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Holy cow, I almost forgot to wish [ profile] ride_4ever a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you're having a good one!!

(And make sure you share some cake with Diefenbaker. Look what a good boy he's being!)

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First, there are birthday wishes that need to be given.

My BFF Annie is celebrating her 41st today. We've been joined at the brain ever since Freshman year of college way back in the way back, and while we don't see much of each other these days she's still the person who probably knows me best in the world. Love you!

Happy birthday also to [ profile] keiramarcos! Her Sentinels of Atlantis fic is what pulled me all the way into the SGA fandom, for which I will be forever grateful. So thank you and Happy Birthday!


Now, on to the fun stuff. My Halloween plans. Which really aren't all that exciting to be honest. My boy wasn't going to go trick-or-treating this year, which was fine with me. I put in my time. I walked the mean streets of the city in rain, snow and various mixes of both. But at the last minute he changed his mind. So when I get home we'll be turning him into either Insane Doctor or Zombie Doctor. Either way he'll be gory.

I'm dressed up for work today, as I always do. I'm calling myself the Spirit of Halloween this year, because I just cobbed something together without a real theme. Two years ago, though, I was the Joker. Wanna see?

Joker Scrapbook Page )

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!!
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A very, very Happy Birthday to [ profile] firesign10, from me and the boys! ::grins:: Hope it's a good one!

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Happy Birthday [ profile] alisanne! I hope you have a great, great day!

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The boys and I just wanted to wish [ profile] popkin16 a very Happy Birthday!

Popkin Bday
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Blythe Birthday
(painting by Edward Hopper)

A very happy birthday to [ profile] blythechild! I hope you have a great and wonderful day!

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