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Friends, I have been remiss in sharing my latest postcard acquisitions (and I really need to get going on the reciprocal part as well). Look what I got on Saturday:

Thank you so much [profile] thesmallhobbit and [personal profile] alisanne for the wonderful notes you sent me! I was so excited to get them! My thoughtful friends are thoughtful! ::grins::

My town is too small to have postcards, so I'm going to make some. Stay tuned!
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My work friend recommended this music video. I already liked the song so I thought, why not? And OMG, the hilarious political undertone!

Come for the music and stay for faux-Trump getting hit by a car. ::grins::

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The happiest of happy birthdays to the wonderful and prolific [ profile] alisanne! The only Harry Potter fic I read is the stuff she posts here on LJ, and she hooks me right in. Plus? Her sexytimes are ridiculously sexy. Like, "Why am I reading this at work?" sexy. ::grins::

Alisanne was hoping I'd write something for her HP OTP, Snarry, for her birthday. And I really wanted to! But I found myself unexpectedly intimidated. I've read the books, seen the movies, and read the fics. But writing in the fandom? ::big eyes::

But! That doesn't mean I'm leaving the lovely Alisanne empty-handed. For her birthday, a little Snarry fanart. I hope you like it, sweetie, and that you have the bestest birthday! Smooch!

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I haven't been good about updating my journal, so I'm going to try monthly updates. Full disclosure: this might be the only month I remember to do it. LOL!

July has been a busy month, writing aside. We had our vacation to Pennsylvania, which included Gettysburg, Hershey and Scranton. We watched a Civil War battle reenactment, went on a ghost tour, and toured a coal mine. It was a really fun trip. My son and my nephew are already planning our next excursion. My son wants to go to Salem, Mass and my nephew wants to go to Germany. One is slightly more doable than the other. LOL!

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My boy did a week-long Career Camp at the tech school where I work. He did half day Visual Arts & Communications and half day Pre-Engineering. He really liked the first class, which I've always thought would be a good fit for him when he's old enough to enroll in it. They did silk-screening on t-shirts, made songs on the computer, and worked in Photoshop. Every day he came to show me what he'd done.

It was also my boy's birthday this month. He turned 14. We had a party the Saturday before, with family, and then on the actual day I took off from work and we spent the day together. Went out for brunch, had birthday cheesecake, and picked up new videogames and movies. It was a really nice day.

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Writing has been coming along pretty well, even though my July output hasn't been much. But I'm hard at work on my Harlequin BB fic for the [ profile] story_works challenge. And still trying to finish up my apoca-fic for this month's challenge at [ profile] whatif_au before next month's challenge goes up tomorrow. I've also been inspired by prompts at [ profile] comment_fic and [ profile] mcsheplets. I need all the inspiration and motivation I can get, for reals!

Last but not least, here is my list of posted fics. Not all are from July, since my updates have been spotty.

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All the love for the one and only [ profile] popkin16, who is celebrating her birthday today. Popkin is a lovely human being who leaves the best ever fic comments and deserves all the happiness in the world. I hope you have a great day, sweetie!

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Hey, guess what? It's [ profile] blythechild's birthday today! ::tosses confetti:: She's been writing a ton of Criminal Minds fic lately, which you should absolutely check out.

Also, Spencer and Phineas wanted to wish Blythe a happy birthday too. If you want to know more about Phineas, you should read Blythe's fic The Day The Circus Comes To Town. For reals, it's a hoot!

Have a great, great birthday, Blythe! You deserve it!

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So, I happened to be fixing a thing on one of my posted fics and I noticed my digi art isn't there. Instead is a notice from Photobucket about 3rd Party hosting. Okay. So I went to the site and I see they've changed things up. If I want to be able to embed my pics - which I do - at places like AO3, I have to sign up for P500. Do you want to know the yearly cost of being able to embed my own stuff? $399!!!

Who can afford that nonsense?

But I don't know where else to go with my title cards and fanart. That's why I need your help, friends. Where do you keep your pics for sharing purposes? Does it let you use embed links? Is it super expensive?

I can only assume all my art on AO3 now has this message, which makes me so mad. I want my pics back!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] taste_is_sweet!!

If y'all don't know my friend Taste, you should! She's an amazing writer, an amazing friend, and an all-around amazing person. We met through mutual fic admiration, and it was Taste who suggested I check out LJ and sign up for some things. Changed my life!

Do you like all the angst with your fic? Taste brings it in spades with both her fan fic and her published orig fic. She is particularly skilled at putting her characters in seemingly hopeless situations and then working magic to give them the happy endings they deserve.

Taste is the one who put Bucky Barnes in my fic crosshairs. And so, in honor of her birthday, I wrote her a little something.

Have a super spectacular day, Taste!!

Title: Bucky Crosses the Line
Fandom: MCU
Series: Making Connections
Pairing: Stucky (still kind of pre-slash)
Characters: Steve, Bucky, Sam, Bruce, Tony, Clint
Warnings: surprisingly none

Summary: Steve hadn’t seen or heard from Bucky in almost a month, but when he does finally turn up again it's not at all how Steve expected. It's so much better.
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The next round of [ profile] hc_bingo has started and I got my card today. Woo! Bring on the h/c!

falsely imprisoned abuse coma cursed heart attack / heart trouble
deals with demons explosion branding hostile climate humiliation
fever / delirium bullet wounds WILD CARD restrained deadline / time bomb
loss of voice / forced silence nausea loss of identity near death experience abandonment issues
septicemia / infected wounds dystopia loss of possessions culture shock pneumonia
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So, May was overall disappointing to me as far as the writing went. I had some grand fic plans that never reached fruition, and a lot of the time I found myself doing other things, like hanging out with Tumblr and YouTube, instead of writing because the words just didn't want to come.

Which is why I'm so happy to report that things are looking up for June. I was able to finish and post a long-standing WIP, and the new theme at [ profile] whatif_au is inspiring the heck out of me. I already have one Soulmate fic done and two more underway. The words are flowing, friends, and I'm so happy!

Without further ado, here is the latest list of fic postings!

Title: Be Right Back
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0/Stargate Atlantis
Challenge: MMOM (Merry Month of Masturbation)
Pairings: Danny/Steve, John/Rodney
Characters: Danny, Steve, John, Original female character
Warnings: all the sexy times

Summary: Did you ever read fictional porn so hot you had to take yourself in hand?

Title: Better Use for a Towel
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney
Warnings: possibly the closest thing to crack I've ever written

Summary: John is sure Rodney can get them out of this fix. With or without the towel.

Art Title: The Drifter and the Grifter
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Challenge: [ profile] whatif_au Western AU
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney
Warnings: dubious Photoshop skills

Summary: When the Drifter and the Grifter join forces, the West will get really wild!

Title: Unexpected Discoveries: Wedding
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Series: Unexpected Discoveries
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney, Jeannie, Ronon, Teyla, Evan, Laura, Radek, Dave, etc.
Warnings: mix of wedding fluff and angst

Summary: John and Rodney are finally getting married, and their wedding weekend is full of all the usual elements: unexpected guests, family angst, sexytimes, fun with friends, and dealing with a malevolent ghost.

Title: Lunch at the Crossroads
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural
Series: Alternate Earths
Challenge: [ profile] whatif_au Soulmates AU
Pairing: pre-McShep
Characters: alternate Rodney (Crow), alternate John, Bobby Singer
Warnings: mentions of addiction and a character being held against his will, plus all the angsty times

Summary: On the Alternate Earth where Rodney is a half-vamp vampire hunter named Crow and John is a vampire bite addict, things get even more complicated when they reach out to Crow's associate Bobby for some help.
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Has anyone seen my muse? He's fucked off again and taken all my words with him. Please keep an eye out for him. This is what he looks like:

(Yes, that's Toni Collette from United States of Tara.)

Sometimes I wish I could trade Buck in for Bucky (see icon), because I feel like Bucky would be more ruthlessly efficient when it comes to managing the words. Buck just hides somewhere with his booze and his porn and leave me high and dry. Sigh. This is a real problem, since I have challenges I wanted to fill this month and I just can't get anything going.

In family news, my brother finally found a place to live. Whew! His application at my place was denied, which I don't understand because there have been some sketchy people living there and whatever his other faults may be my bro doesn't peddle drugs. But he's super excited about his new place, and showed me some pics when he came over yesterday to borrow my vacuum. (Guess who's getting a vacuum for a housewarming gift?) Hopefully Saturday we can crack open the storage unit and he can take out whatever furniture he wants, help me get the rest of my stuff out, and then it'll just be the ex's crap in there. Goals!

My son had a huge anxiety attack on Sunday night, so I suspect we've cycled back around to that again. Every few months he goes through a bad patch of nightmares, anxiety and paranoia. His counselor would like him to have a full psychological eval, so I'm trying to get that set up. What do you tell a thirteen year old who is crying his eyes out because he's scared of dying and scared there's no happy afterlife? I was really earning my salary on Mother's Day this year, I can tell you that.

Overall things are going well. I've had light schedules at my deli job the last two weeks, which has been super nice. And the weather has been so nice the last two days. Sunshine! I'd almost forgotten what it looked like.

And I do have some fic to share since my last update. If you're interested! ::grins::

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Click the picture for more information!

Am I participating in this? You bet your sweet bippy I am! Sign-ups start May 15th, and if you're interested in checking out or leaving some prompts, you can do so here.
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A very Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] draycevixen! I hope you have a great day!!

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I was hoping to have finished my WIP last month, but alas the muse has hit yet another stumbling block. But thanks to the Plot Bunny Dust-Off Challenge I made a lot of progress on it. I added 3720 new words to the fic, and finished up a couple of scenes. I'm inches away from the finish!

Thank you, [ profile] melagan, for motivating me to throw more words at my WIP! With any luck I can get it finished this month. ::fingers crossed::
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So here's something new that's happening at my house. My boy, who will be turning fourteen this year, has made his first forays behind the wheel of my car. He can't get his permit until he's sixteen but here in the country boys learn how to drive early. I'm pretty sure my brother could drive by the time he was eleven.

I'm not taking the boy out on the road, not even the backroads like my dad did with my brother. He's strictly parking lot until he's old enough to legally be on the road, but I figured it was a good time to get him familiarized with how the driving thing works. All this has amounted to so far is him twice parking the car. But look how happy he is!

Right now I'm seeking some tips or advice for teaching someone to drive. This is all new to me, and so far the only criteria I have is that his father doesn't teach him. LOL! He's a terrible driver.

Any thoughts or suggestions, friends?
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I'm just going to leave this here. Warning: Adult language.

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The boys and I want to wish [ profile] joidianne4eva the happiest of birthdays! She's a great person, a great mod and a great writer, and she deserves to have a great, great day!

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Hello, friends! I haven't been very good about updating, so let's see what needs to be covered.

First off, the Great Exodus to DW. I've been backing up my journal there but I have no plans for a permanent move at this time. LJ is my comfort zone and as long as it remains as such I'm in it to win it. [ profile] ushobwri is going to make the move as of May 1st after a members vote, and [ profile] whatif_au will be mirrored on both sites. So I've got a little bit of everything going on as far as moving goes.

In writing news I've been busily working on a long-standing WIP as part of [ profile] melagan's Plot Bunny Dust-Off challenge. Not sure I'll get it finished by the end of the month but I've added two new scenes and I know what's coming next so that's a definite improvement.

I'll also be dusting off an even older bunny for next month's AU theme at [ profile] whatif_au. It's at least five years old, maybe a little older, and the whole story is plotted out, characters are fleshed out, and maps have been drawn. Which is probably why I never wrote the thing. But I'm determined to do something with it. Determined, I say!

Trying to plan something for [ profile] mmom next month. I have a vague idea of some naughty sexytimes that could happen. May is also when [ profile] ushobwri does the New Frontiers challenge, and so I need to think of something I haven't written. Last year I did a poem.

As you can see there's still lots to do. And still not much time to do it all in. ::shakes head::

But I do have some fic to share, if you're interested:

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It's a bittersweet birthday, to be sure, since so many people are leaving since the change of ownership. But it's been good times for me since I joined, and I'll always have fond memories even if everything's changing.

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

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It's official! The Merry Month of Masturbation ([ profile] mmom) is kicking off again in May! Woo!

I don't have it in me to write something for each day of the month, but I usually try to craft at least one really good fic for it each year. So if you don't mind taking things "in hand" you should definitely participate. Or at least tune in to read all the good fic that'll be rolling in. ::grins::

And if anyone's interested in my previous offerings, here they are: Pieces of You (SGA) and Someone's Watching (H50).

(I was going to look for a sexy pic to add to this post and thought that might not be the best thing to be doing at work. LOL! But just imagine I had one, okay?)

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