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I used to be able to watch my fave TV shows and just enjoy them for what they were. And then I found fan fic. TV viewing has now been ruined for me forever.

The problem is that fan fic writers do a much better job with the characters than the people who created them in the first place. For instance, I was watching the latest ep of Hawaii Five-0 (yes, I'm McDanno all the way!) and wondering why the writers made Danny such a douche bag all the time. He can be so rude, and so derisive. I hate when they write him that way.

I wish my fave shows could pull from the great fics I've read online, or use the rich back stories that fan fic authors have created. It's hard to spend time in these wonderful fics and then go back to the show, where my boys aren't making smoochies and the storylines are lacking. I'll watch an ep of Hawaii Five-0 and think...[ profile] stellarmeadow could've done so much better.

Of course, I can't cut out TV - how else am I going to find new fandoms to get sucked into? Just maybe I need to get a lot of watching under my belt before I turn to fics.
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