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Let's be real. 2016 was a rough year out in the world. We lost a lot of beloved icons. America gained a lunatic for a president. There was violence and natural disasters and a general feeling of hopelessness. I'd like to say that we have a chance to turn things around in 2017, but I'm not honestly very hopeful about that.

BUT. Things in my corner of the world weren't terrible. I voted in my first-ever presidential election (yes, I'm in my 40s and I'm a slacker). I attended my very first Stargate Convention and got to meet the men I write so much about. I also got to meet some of my online friends: [ profile] ride_4ever, [ profile] aivix, and smiles2go. I was able to keep a roof over my son's head and food on the table. I visited my mom and my grandparents in Florida. I continued to confound family and friends with my very pleasant relationship with my ex and his girlfriend. I spent a lot of quality time with my brother.

There were lady ghostbusters and lady x-wing pilots and a whole new Tarzan to ogle. I continue to expand my social consciousness. I strive to be a better person, and to make my corner of the world a happy place. I continue to be amazed at what a warm and welcoming place [ profile] ushobwri has become.

And friends, I wrote my ass off. ::grins:: This was mostly due to [ profile] comment_fic, which I started visiting regularly for prompt inspiration. (And had the pleasant side effect of making a new super awesome friend in [ profile] nagi_schwarz.)

I posted 157 fics this year. Gah! Insane! 130 of them were prompt fills.

My posted wordcount for the year is an astounding 269,311. So many words!

I participated in 12 fannish challenges/exchanges/etc.

My hurt/comfort bingo card has eleven squares filled in, beating my last year's record of two. No bingoes, but I'm okay with that.

For this gal, 2016 wasn't a bad year. Let's hope 2017 doesn't kick my ass. Or yours! ::hugs to all:: Better days ahead for all of us!
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So, time for the Brumeier 2015 wrap-up.

In the world of fandom and writing, which, let's be honest, is where I spend most of my time, I was surprisingly productive. 35 posted fics! 123,674 posted words! See, this is why I keep a spreadsheet. Because all year I'm like, bah, too tired to write, I'm getting nothing done. False!

Fandom things that happened to me this year:

Bucky took hold of my imagination and my muse, and so I got to add the MCU fandom into my writing repertoire. I think it's safe to say there'll be more of him to come in 2016. ::grins::

I was also lucky enough to be the recipient of fanart, which is just so amazing. I have zero art skills, so people taking the time to draw for me? Awesome! [ profile] danceswithgary made this for one of my SGA fics, and Bonanza drew me some Sentinel art for Sentinel Summer Camp and Soulmates. (The art is posted in the fic.) Love it all!

Just to cover all media angles, the lovely [ profile] librarychick_94 did a podcast of one of my SGA stories, Sight Unseen. Seriously, the fandom generosity has overwhelmed me this year.

And just because I feel like it, here's a list of all the fics I put out there to the world in 2015:

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Another year could that possibly be?? Now here it is, the first hours of 2015 and I'm ready to look back at the year.

Regarding Writing

Wow, I was really productive this year! This is the first year I kept track but I'm pleased with the bottom line.

  • Fics posted: 33 (including an H50 triple drabble shortly before midnight called Danny Makes A Move)

  • Posted words: 256,697

  • I completed the [ profile] intoabar challenge and the [ profile] sga_santa exchange.

  • Started converting my fic Sight Unseen into an original novel.

  • Signed up for [ profile] hc_bingo, though I've only gotten one fic done for it. Hello, amnesty!

Regarding Fandom

  • I participated in Slash Madness at The Backlot and helped McShep finish third. Woo!

  • Started hanging out and posting random fandom stuff on Tumblr

  • Got myself John and Rodney action figures, and the delightful [ profile] taste_is_sweet hooked me up with Teyla for Christmas.

Regarding My Life

  • Separated from my husband of 13 years (I'm surprisingly okay with that.)

  • Came the personal realization that I'm asexual (Hi! Coming out!)

  • Strengthened my friendships with my online friends, who are the awesomest people ever!

Not a bad year, all things considered. What I'm mostly looking forward to in 2015 is some financial stability. And for the fic words to keep on flowing. Happy New Year, flisters! ::hugs::
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Doctor- Writing photo DoctorTen.jpg

One year ago today the inaugural post for the [ profile] ushobwri comm went up. It was created after [ profile] wrisomifu ended, because I have a hard time letting go. LOL! We started out with me doing the twice a week posts, and now I have five mods and we post three times a week (Inspiration Mondays, Check-in Wednesdays, and Workshop Fridays).

If you're not part of the comm, here's what we did last year and will probably do again this coming year:
  • WIP-ed Into Shape February, a push to finish at least one WIP during the month

  • Rec Fest, because it's always good to share the love

  • Semi-Regular Hottie Wednesdays, to share the pretty people (inside and out!) that inspire us

  • Sizzling Shoobie Showcase, which is a prompt challenge for members

  • Monster Fest, a month-long monster appreciation in October

  • Miserable Fucks November Social, our homage to the WriSo with daily check-ins

And of course even when there isn't a special theme thing going on you can find interesting topics for discussion, a chance to post snippets of your WIPs for feedback, and a community of wonderful, talented people that are incredibly supportive and encouraging.

So I lift my glass of cheer and gratitude to the comm! Especially the mods who help make it all possible: [ profile] blueraccoon, [ profile] blythechild, [ profile] dhampyresa, [ profile] joidianne4eva, and [ profile] taste_is_sweet. I couldn't do any of this without you and still have a brain cell left in my head. LOL!

Happy anniversary, Shoobies!
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[ profile] kapuahi had this list posted and I thought the questions were interesting enough to both steal and answer for myself. LOL! Thanks!

So here's my 2013 in review:

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