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My work friend recommended this music video. I already liked the song so I thought, why not? And OMG, the hilarious political undertone!

Come for the music and stay for faux-Trump getting hit by a car. ::grins::

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I'm just going to leave this here. Warning: Adult language.

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So, I just finished watching the documentary FANomenon on Hulu and I'm an emotional wreck.

It's a really cool documentary. It's about fangirls in general, and one in specific - a woman who writes SGA fanfic and is a big John Sheppard fangirl. I didn't expect that to hit me as hard as it did, but I just kept wishing that could be me. Not just getting to meet the actors that brought my favorite characters to life, but meeting some of the people I've gotten really close to online.


In the meantime, you really should watch this. Lots of Joe Flanigan sweetness, and interesting interviews with other scifi actors who weigh in on the fan phenomenon.

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There's nothing I like more than a stormy sky, the darker the better. Here in NY this usually means heavy rains, thunder and lightning, and on the very rare occasion hail.

Stormy Sky

This was the view from my porch about an hour ago. So much texture, and the movement was just incredible to watch. The storm it carried passed us by - we only got a little thunder and lightning - but I love the potential it holds. Not that I wish severe weather on anyone, especially myself, but there's something so wild about a storm that appeals to my normally subdued self.

When I was a kid we'd sit out on the back porch and watch storms roll in. I love the smell of rain as it just starts to fall. I love watching the bruised, purple-black clouds rolling in, I love the easy roll of thunder when it echoes over the mountains.

Special bonus: my most terrifying storm story. I was home with my brother, I think on a college break. He was still in high school. There was a wicked storm brewing and when I looked out the side window I was sure I saw tornado-like rotations in the storm clouds. (I was and always have been a huge freak for tornadoes. Yes, Twister is my favorite movie. Yes, I desperately want to see Mr. Armitage in Into the Storm next month.)

My brother chose this moment to realize he left the lights on in our detached garage. Before he ran out in the storm to turn them off he gave me CPR instructions in case he got hit by lightning. WTH?? I told him I wasn't going out in the storm to save his sorry backside. In any case, it didn't matter. No tornado, just a plain old thunderstorm. No life saving heroics were needed no my end. But that was definitely scary! And now...kind of humorous. ::grins::
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It only took me a year, but I finally finished my Hawaii Five-0 fluffy Christmas fic. Hopefully worth the wait. If not...better late than never? ::grins::

You can find it here on AO3. Hopefully the link works, I've been having some trouble with that today.

The title of this fic is taken from the Relient K song of the same name, which inspired it. I love this song, and it fits Steve and Danny so well I think. Couldn't find an official video, but here's the song on YouTube:

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