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Friends, I have been remiss in sharing my latest postcard acquisitions (and I really need to get going on the reciprocal part as well). Look what I got on Saturday:

Thank you so much [profile] thesmallhobbit and [personal profile] alisanne for the wonderful notes you sent me! I was so excited to get them! My thoughtful friends are thoughtful! ::grins::

My town is too small to have postcards, so I'm going to make some. Stay tuned!
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Not gonna lie. Had a crap-tastic day. Family drama amped up to eleven.

But I have wonderful friends who cheered me up, offered a virtual shoulder to cry on, and generally made me feel so much better. All the thanks to my pals Sharon, [ profile] taste_is_sweet, [ profile] darkmoore, [ profile] nagi_schwarz and all the Shoobies at [ profile] ushobwri. I love you guys!

As an extra bonus, [ profile] nagi_schwarz wrote me a hilariously awesome ficlet based on a conversation we had one day. It's called Beam Me Up, it's McShep, and I can't recommend it enough. Did I mention hilarious?

The support of the online community means so much to me. Real friends, each and every one of you. ::hugs all around::
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Lookie, lookie what my wonderful friend [ profile] taste_is_sweet sent me for my birthday!

Aren't Cap and Bucky just adorable? These little Funko bobbles are so cute, and they have a very nice bobble as well. ::grins::

Now they just need to make SGA bobbles and my life will be complete.

Thanks, Taste, for your continued awesome!

Edited to Add: SQUEEE! Not just bobbles, but a Stucky fic featuring Rodney McKay! I don't know what I did to earn this kind of good karma, but I'm not complaining. The fic is called As Big and Bright as the Stars. Thank you AGAIN, Taste! Best. Birthday. Ever.
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It's here! It's here! The beautiful necklace that [ profile] ride_4ever made me for More Joy Day was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from work. Lookit, lookit!

Jan15 006

Isn't is beautiful? It's Hatter-themed because Ride got sucked into watching Alice after reading one of my fics. (Is that right? Am I remembering that right?) Well, however it happened, I love my new fannish necklace!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ::hugs:: I can't get the smile off my face!

Close-up )
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Doctor- Writing photo DoctorTen.jpg

One year ago today the inaugural post for the [ profile] ushobwri comm went up. It was created after [ profile] wrisomifu ended, because I have a hard time letting go. LOL! We started out with me doing the twice a week posts, and now I have five mods and we post three times a week (Inspiration Mondays, Check-in Wednesdays, and Workshop Fridays).

If you're not part of the comm, here's what we did last year and will probably do again this coming year:
  • WIP-ed Into Shape February, a push to finish at least one WIP during the month

  • Rec Fest, because it's always good to share the love

  • Semi-Regular Hottie Wednesdays, to share the pretty people (inside and out!) that inspire us

  • Sizzling Shoobie Showcase, which is a prompt challenge for members

  • Monster Fest, a month-long monster appreciation in October

  • Miserable Fucks November Social, our homage to the WriSo with daily check-ins

And of course even when there isn't a special theme thing going on you can find interesting topics for discussion, a chance to post snippets of your WIPs for feedback, and a community of wonderful, talented people that are incredibly supportive and encouraging.

So I lift my glass of cheer and gratitude to the comm! Especially the mods who help make it all possible: [ profile] blueraccoon, [ profile] blythechild, [ profile] dhampyresa, [ profile] joidianne4eva, and [ profile] taste_is_sweet. I couldn't do any of this without you and still have a brain cell left in my head. LOL!

Happy anniversary, Shoobies!
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My cup of happiness is currently flowing over! Why? Because the wonderful and talented [ profile] selenic76 not only sent me the postcard she said she was going to, but she tucked this in with it:


Isn't it gorgeous?? I love it soooo much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I need to get a better chain for it but that isn't stopping me from wearing it and grinning like an idiot. ::grins::

This totally made my day! ::tosses hearts and flowers everywhere::

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