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Final Polls

That's all, fangirls! Slash Madness is over for another year and McShep came in third place. There were some who said we didn't belong in the competition, that we'd get maybe 2% of the votes. Yet here were are, third place and having beat out Stucky. I can't tell you how excited I am, and how proud I am of my fandom and how we represented ourselves during the voting.

McShep was the oldest fandom in the final four but we brought it! Thanks to everyone who voted. McShep forever!
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It's finally here, McSheppers! The final round of Slash Madness. They switched things up a little - because Sterek had a ridiculous amount of votes last round, they decided to put the final four all in together.

Now, I've been following the comments over at The Backlot and the majority seem to think we're going to finish last because the other fandoms are more current than we are. I say balls to that! We may not have a shot at first place but I refuse to believe we can't get higher than fourth.

So vote! Vote now, and often! Do it for John and Rodney!
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I'm so pleased to report that McShep has moved up to Round Three in Slash Madness! Voting has started today and goes through Friday. If McShep wins this round we'll be in the final four, and I want that more than anything right now. LOL!

We're up against stiff competition - original series Kirk/Spock. The granddaddies of fan fic. But this is McShep's tenth anniversary, peeps, and I know we can pull out a victory. So get on over there and vote! Let's show everyone that our space husbands are the best!
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It's time for Round Two voting for Slash Madness, McSheppers! We won our bracket in the last round, and now we're up against Doctor/Captain Jack. We can win this one, peeps, I know we can!

Please be advised that The Backlot is using captcha on all voting brackets this go-round which slows things up a bit. But there were a lot of cheating complaints in Round One and the good people hosting the voting are doing their best to accommodate everyone.

Let's get in there and bring another win for McShep! Woot!
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The first round of voting is (mostly) done at Slash Madness and McShep has won their bracket and will be moving on to Round Two! Thanks to all the McSheppers who voted! We had over 21k votes!!

In addition, The Backlot chose my Tumblr post as their favorite from Round One! I'm so excited about that! This is what I posted:

Slash Madness Vote

And yes, I have a pic all set to go for Round Two, which is delayed until the 29th due to a recount (details in link above). So I've got some time to rest up my mouse clicking finger.

Finally, I want to thank all the McShep voters who were able to get the job done without denigrating the other fandoms we were up against. Some of the bigger fandoms had a lot of nastiness and drama, which is just so unnecessary. It's all just for fun, people! Lighten up for goodness sake!

Let's have fun, peeps! And bring home another win for our boys!
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Round one of Slash Madness has started over at The Backlot!


Let's keep the McShep love alive and get our boys to the next round of voting! With SGA celebrating ten years of awesome, slashy or otherwise, now is the right time to get the word out and let the word know how much we love John and Rodney!
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It's been ten years but the SGA fandom is still going strong! I have been happily reading all the new SGA fics getting posted to AO3 for the SGA...Ten Years Later Fest. There's so many! And art as well!

I've got two fics posted for the Fest myself: Reflections II and Don't Go Without Me. Working on a third as we speak, because as you know I have no shortage of words when it comes to John and Rodney. ::grins::

I love any opportunity to celebrate my fandom! So imagine how happy I was to see that the 10 Years Later Fest coincided with the annual Slash Madness tournament at The Backlot. Had to nominate my McShep boys, of course. If you haven't put your nominations in, do it now! Let's show them how much love there still is for SGA!

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