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Sharon B-Day

I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Sharon, my very first fic friend and one who had a huge impact on me as a fan fic writer. We met back in the Alice fandom, where I got my start in fan fiction. We shared a mutual love of Hatter and left so many back-and-forth comments on each other's fics that we eventually moved to e-mailing and have been doing that ever since.

Sharon helped me evolve as a fic writer. For example:

  • "I wrote a Sentinel fusion. You don't know what Sentinel is? Well, let me tell you..." (14 fics and all the DVDs later)

  • "I'm writing an NCIS fic. What do you mean, you've never seen the show?" (1 fic and 8 DVD boxed sets later)

  • "Now that you have some Sentinel under your belt, have you read Keira Marcos' Sentinels of Atlantis fic? Wait, you've never heard of Stargate Atlantis?" (10 fics and all the DVDs and some books and some action figures later)

Sharon is also the one that eased me into the world of slash, which as you may know is about all I write these days. And I'd never known about it before I started actively writing fan fic.

So as you can see, I owe Sharon a lot. And she's still my biggest fan. Happy Birthday, babes! All the love!
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This weekend I dusted off my EHD and decided to see if I still remembered how to digi scrap. I do! I crafted three pages over the course of Saturday. One about my boy's first school dance, a lovey-dovey page for me and hubby, and a page all about slash.

As my old scrappy friends could tell you, if I was still in touch with them, I will scrap any topic. My fear of public restrooms? Scrapped it. Hubby's collection of Old Spice personal hygiene products? Scrapped it. My entrée into fan fiction? Scrapped it.

Actually, I've scrapped fan fiction things several times. There's the page I did about my addiction to Hatter from Syfy's Alice miniseries, which is where I started writing fics. There's also a page charting my early days on And a page I did back in November about my OTPs. Not to mention several pages that never got published online that are just gushy fangirl layouts about particular shows.

My latest fic-related page is all about the slash. The journaling is probably a bit rambly. I'm always trying to figure out for myself why I love slash fic so much but I think there must just be an indefinable quality about it that draws me. But here it is, my scrappy ode to slash:

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It wasn't that long ago that I had no idea what slash even was. My first tentative steps into fan fiction started with Trixie Belden fics, where I was a reader only. Then I discovered Syfy's Alice and started reading those fics. And I thought...hmmm. I could do that.

The first fics I ever wrote were Hatter and Alice fics. And the Alice community at was so welcoming and wonderful and active. I got good reviews and more good reviews, and just kept on writing. Through the Alice fics I met the very funny smiles2go, who was also writing in that fandom. She's the one who steered me in the direction of slash.

Smiles is the one who introduced me to the Sentinel fandom, the NCIS fandom, and the Stargate Atlantis fandom. And those fandoms are rife with slash. Turns out...I liked it! Something about male/male relationships really spoke to me. So I branched out, leaving poor Hatter and Alice behind to write John/Rodney, Jim/Blair, DiNozzo/Gibbs and Steve/Danny (I got into Hawaii Five-0 all on my own, LOL!)

The hardest thing about writing slash, for me, is feeling awkward when people ask me about it. It's not something I generally offer up. I'm so lucky that my hubby, who doesn't understand why I have to gay up perfectly good characters, puts up with me and even helps me when I get stuck on plot points.

Now that I'm thinking about trying to get a gay romance published, all I can think is - what am I going to tell my grandparents? LOL! My mom's cool with it, and probably would be even if she wasn't a lesbian. But if my grandparents find out I published something I know my grandma is going to want to read it. Yikes!

Of course, maybe no-one will want to publish my gay romance and all this worry will be for naught. Just have to wait and see I guess.

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