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First, there are birthday wishes that need to be given.

My BFF Annie is celebrating her 41st today. We've been joined at the brain ever since Freshman year of college way back in the way back, and while we don't see much of each other these days she's still the person who probably knows me best in the world. Love you!

Happy birthday also to [ profile] keiramarcos! Her Sentinels of Atlantis fic is what pulled me all the way into the SGA fandom, for which I will be forever grateful. So thank you and Happy Birthday!


Now, on to the fun stuff. My Halloween plans. Which really aren't all that exciting to be honest. My boy wasn't going to go trick-or-treating this year, which was fine with me. I put in my time. I walked the mean streets of the city in rain, snow and various mixes of both. But at the last minute he changed his mind. So when I get home we'll be turning him into either Insane Doctor or Zombie Doctor. Either way he'll be gory.

I'm dressed up for work today, as I always do. I'm calling myself the Spirit of Halloween this year, because I just cobbed something together without a real theme. Two years ago, though, I was the Joker. Wanna see?

Joker Scrapbook Page )

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!!
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This weekend I dusted off my EHD and decided to see if I still remembered how to digi scrap. I do! I crafted three pages over the course of Saturday. One about my boy's first school dance, a lovey-dovey page for me and hubby, and a page all about slash.

As my old scrappy friends could tell you, if I was still in touch with them, I will scrap any topic. My fear of public restrooms? Scrapped it. Hubby's collection of Old Spice personal hygiene products? Scrapped it. My entrée into fan fiction? Scrapped it.

Actually, I've scrapped fan fiction things several times. There's the page I did about my addiction to Hatter from Syfy's Alice miniseries, which is where I started writing fics. There's also a page charting my early days on And a page I did back in November about my OTPs. Not to mention several pages that never got published online that are just gushy fangirl layouts about particular shows.

My latest fic-related page is all about the slash. The journaling is probably a bit rambly. I'm always trying to figure out for myself why I love slash fic so much but I think there must just be an indefinable quality about it that draws me. But here it is, my scrappy ode to slash:

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I've been contemplating my productivity this week. [ profile] wrisomifu has been helping me with that a bit, encouraging me to have a word count or writing experience to share each and every day. Even so, I'm incredibly scattered, and I have been for a while. I've got words for this fic, words for that one...sprinkling them around and ensuring nothing gets finished.

I checked back to two years ago on my Oh Life journal. Back then, in addition to my full time job (which I still have), my marriage (which I still have), and my parenthood duties (which I still have), I was writing nearly every day and posting with great frequency. Back then I could stick with a WIP and actually get it finished in a timely fashion.

Back then, in the Productive Times, I was also digital scrapping. So not only was I creating semi-artistic scrapbook pages but I was also part of an online creative team which meant I had regular scrappy assignments and articles to write. And I did! I did all of that! And I like to think I did it well. I certainly had fun doing layouts like this one:

I'm the Doctor

So what happened? Well, we moved from a huge, airy apartment to a tiny, cramped one. I have no place to escape my family when I need to. I stopped scrapbooking over a year and a half ago, and dropped out of the creative team due to scrappy burnout.

Does this mean that I need to be busier? That I need to fill my time with more than writing and reading fics? I often feel I don't have enough time in the day to get anything done, but that's not true. What's the right formula? How can I regain my focus and my writing output?
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Just getting back into scrapbooking after over a year and a half. So of course I'm going to scrap something I love - my fandoms! Always one of my favorite tops. Here's what I came up with:


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