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I'm so happy to report that I've finally started posting Lovesong, a Sentinel fic that's been living on my flash drive for a very, very long time waiting to be finished. Which it now (almost) is - just the last chapter to finish.

I love this fic so much! And I'm excited to finally get to be able to share it. Here's the details:

Title: Lovesong
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Warnings: Some minor casefic violence

Summary: Jim Ellison is having a rough go of things. Assigned to desk duty because his senses are out of whack, he investigates a cold case - the murder of a Rainier professor. Blair Sandburg, a young teacher whose dreams have been sidelined by a physical disability, finds a new purpose in his life when he meets Jim. Can they solve the case and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of what could be a great partnership?
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Happy Easter, friends, from my fandom to yours!

McShep Egg-sm

In addition, I have posted the next installment in my SGA Pleasure Dome series, called Distress Call. It's the first one from John's POV, so I hope you all like it. Consider that my Easter gift to you!
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My awesome weekend of posting continued yesterday when I finally finished editing the latest edition in my Stargate Atlantis Pleasure Dome series. The new entry is called Operation: Brain Trust and can be found on AO3.
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Well, I finally did it. I finally wrote and posted the final chapter of Making the Best of It, my Hawaii Five-0 high school fic. It was almost exactly a year ago that I posted the first chapter so, yeah, it took way too long for me to write and post twelve chapters. ::grins::

You can find Making the Best of It: August 1993 on AO3.

In other fic news, I finally shut down Through the Gate (SGA) and Moments (H50). They both contained unrelated one-shots, which I initially thought was tidy but [ profile] taste_is_sweet continually tells me is aggravating because she can't leave kudos on each individual fic. ::grins::

So all future one-shots will be posted independently. (You're welcome, Taste!) Now let's just hope I have more things to post. LOL! Time to start finishing some of those WIPs.
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I'm in a Christmas frame of mind, it seems. Wrote a silly little holiday fic for SGA which you can find on AO3 and it's called Promises Kept. I know I was mean to Rodney, but it was for the good of the fic and I promise...happy ending! LOL!

I have one more Christmas fic in the works, but I'm not sure I'll get that done before the end of the month. I'll try, though!
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It only took me a year, but I finally finished my Hawaii Five-0 fluffy Christmas fic. Hopefully worth the wait. If not...better late than never? ::grins::

You can find it here on AO3. Hopefully the link works, I've been having some trouble with that today.

The title of this fic is taken from the Relient K song of the same name, which inspired it. I love this song, and it fits Steve and Danny so well I think. Couldn't find an official video, but here's the song on YouTube:

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