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So, I find myself signed up (or planning to sign up) for three writing things that wrap up at various times in December/January. What motivated me to do this, when the writing has been so hard for me lately? Perhaps a need to be part of fun exchanges. Perhaps the desire to have someone write me a thing. Or perhaps I'm just impulsive.

What have I signed up for, you ask? Let me tell you! ::grins::

The Sentinel Big Bang ([ profile] sentinelbigbang) I participated in the Reverse Bang, which wrapped up in June and left me a ball of stress. I swore no more challenges. And yet two weeks later I signed up for this one. But I know why. This fandom is celebrating its 20th anniversary and I want to be a part of that. Now if only I could make progress on my fic. Due date: January 27

Winter In Hawaii. I came across this on Tumblr, and it's being hosted through AO3. I've never participated in a Hawaii Five-0 exchange, and this is the first time this particular one is running. Which is maybe why I'm planning on signing up on the 15th. I could still change my mind...but I probably won't. Due date: December 31

SGA Secret Santa ([ profile] sga_secretsanta) Last year, the wonderful mods who ran [ profile] sga_santa decided to end the exchange after ten long years. I was sad, since it was only my second year participating. But then it was resurrected with a new name and new mods, because the SGA fandom will never die! ::grins:: Of the three challenges, this one makes the most sense because it's the fandom I'm most active in. Sign-ups end on the 13th, if you're interested! Due date: December 1

So, can I get all these done? Who knows. Two jobs, a boy just starting junior high, and my amazing distractibility make me a bit dubious. Not to mention all the WIPs I'm still working on, and the original piece I want to do for submission to an anthology. (Which, gah! Submission deadline is October 1st. I thought it was February. Uh oh.) Well, I'll say this. I dream big. ::rolls eyes::
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So, this turned up on my flist yesterday. It's being run through [ profile] sheppard_hc, sign-ups are open now through 9/19.

I've only ever participated in one fic exchange to date, and that's [ profile] sga_santa. Has anyone done this H/C exchange? What can you tell me about it? Should I do it?

I'm at odds. I've signed up for SGA Santa again, and this would be following the same rough deadline. Can I do two concurrent fics? I don't know!! LOL! Help!

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