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So, I just finished watching the documentary FANomenon on Hulu and I'm an emotional wreck.

It's a really cool documentary. It's about fangirls in general, and one in specific - a woman who writes SGA fanfic and is a big John Sheppard fangirl. I didn't expect that to hit me as hard as it did, but I just kept wishing that could be me. Not just getting to meet the actors that brought my favorite characters to life, but meeting some of the people I've gotten really close to online.


In the meantime, you really should watch this. Lots of Joe Flanigan sweetness, and interesting interviews with other scifi actors who weigh in on the fan phenomenon.

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So, my son had his birthday on Saturday. And two of his presents were bobbleheads: Deadpool and Thor. There are more on the way. He ordered four more bobbles with his birthday money (Crowley, Deathstroke, The Flash and Ragnar), and the ever generous [ profile] taste_is_sweet is sending him Doctor Ten. They will be joining my bobbles, Cap and Bucky.

Every day I find the bobbles arranged differently. This is what they look like today:

The only rule, instituted by myself and Taste, is that my boy's bobbles need to stop picking on Bucky. I mean, give the poor guy a break, right? ::grins::

Is anyone else out there enjoying the company of bobbles these days? If so, which ones do you have?
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No, it's not his birthday. And as far as I know he hasn't passed away, whether in reality or via false internet rumor. ::grins:: But I was chatting with [ profile] draycevixen over at [ profile] ushobwri and Mr. Oldman just popped up in conversation, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell the world (or the handful of you on my flist, LOL!) how much I appreciate this fine actor.

Gary Oldman is the Lon Chaney Sr. of his time - the Man of a Thousand Faces. Don't believe me? Take a look:


pic courtesy of Niall Murphy

As [ profile] bikernurse says, the man is made of awesome. This man is such a chameleon. He sinks into whatever character he is playing so completely that sometimes I'm completely surprised to learn that I just watched a movie he was in because I didn't recognize him at all. I will gladly watch him in anything because even if the rest of the movie is crap (Bram Stoker's Dracula, I'm looking at you!) Gary Oldmine still shines through.

Even completely crazy, the man is a force to be reckoned with. So let's all celebrate the amazing talent of Gary Oldman!

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Okay, I'm totally taking a page from [ profile] draycevixen's book and taking this opportunity to list some positive things that have happened to me recently. This may or may not turn into a regular thing, since I'm notorious for forgetting to be regular. ::winks::

So in the interest of fostering happy thoughts and getting Eeyore out of my head, here are some good things to fight back against the sucking hole that is Monday:

  • I helped my boy with his Lego school project and he was so happy with how well it turned out. His basic idea was good but he needed help with the execution. Also, I love that little Lego tool that saves my poor nails when I separate bricks. Whoever invented it is a genius.

  • I was able to talk to both my mom and my grandma on Mother's Day, which I never take for granted.

  • I dug myself a little deeper into fandom and participated in a Sentinel chat, compliments of the fine people at [ profile] ts_news. The warm welcome I received is just another reason why fanlife rocks!

  • I get to spend Monday hanging with the Shoobies on [ profile] ushobwri, which today means looking at inspirational pics of Alan Rickman and watching an awesomely slashy video of Batman and Superman. LOL!

Good things all. I'll have to see how many more I can collect this week. Stay positive, peeps!
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Happy Easter, friends, from my fandom to yours!

McShep Egg-sm

In addition, I have posted the next installment in my SGA Pleasure Dome series, called Distress Call. It's the first one from John's POV, so I hope you all like it. Consider that my Easter gift to you!
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When I was a kid all I did was read. Seriously, I had no social life to speak of and didn't want one. One of my top-five book series was The Three Investigators, by Robert Arthur. I loved these books!


The Secret of Terror Castle was my favorite, and I must have read it a thousand times. The three teen boy characters were really interesting, they had diverse skills to bring to the group, and they had the best hideout in Jupiter's uncle's junkyard. They got to tool around in a Rolls Royce thanks to winning a contest, and in the first book became friends with Alfred Hitchcock (the series started in the mid-1960s). What wasn't to like?

During one of my random IMDB searches I saw that someone had made a Three Investigators movie back in 2007. Uh, yes please! Luckily The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island was available through Netflix, and I got it in the mail this past Saturday.


Picture me, sitting wide-eyed on my couch while I watched. The junkyard! The stuttering parrot! The secret door in the fence! The business card with the question marks! I was in fangirl heaven. Cut to the special features and what?? They made a follow up movie two years later? Of my favorite book, Terror Castle? ::swoons::

Of course, then I was in a funk. Because for some reason the movies were made in Germany and while the first one is finally available in the US, the second movie is not. In any form that I could find, and believe me I looked. And yes, perhaps it was a little silly for a 40 year old woman to be putting so much effort into finding a kid's movie when her own kid turned his nose up at it, but I'm not going to apologize.

Now all I can do is wait on Terror Castle and hope it will also find its way to Netflix sometime soon. Until then, maybe I'll dig out the book again and give it another read. The really good stuff never gets old!

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