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The official word has gone out for the Stargate con in Chicago!

According to the site, it's the last one ever. No more reprieves. So I'm going to do my best to get there, and have the last Stargate con be my first one ever. ::grins::

Is anyone on my flist going? ::puppy dog eyes:: I'd love to meet up with...well, anyone! LOL! COME PLAY STARGATE WITH ME!!
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So, I just finished watching the documentary FANomenon on Hulu and I'm an emotional wreck.

It's a really cool documentary. It's about fangirls in general, and one in specific - a woman who writes SGA fanfic and is a big John Sheppard fangirl. I didn't expect that to hit me as hard as it did, but I just kept wishing that could be me. Not just getting to meet the actors that brought my favorite characters to life, but meeting some of the people I've gotten really close to online.


In the meantime, you really should watch this. Lots of Joe Flanigan sweetness, and interesting interviews with other scifi actors who weigh in on the fan phenomenon.

My Ink

Jul. 25th, 2014 12:14 pm
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[ profile] selenic76 asked to see my fannish tattoos, so I decided to just post them all. Warning: these pictures suck, since I mostly took them myself. LOL! They look much better in RL. The pic of the tat on my neck is from right after it was done. It's so faded now, which I don't understand because it's always hidden under my hair.

All of my tats have words, because I just can't keep from writing them apparently, even on my own skin. LOL! I've also designed all my own tats - no flash for this gal! Upcoming tats I have planned, if I ever have money again: Calvin & Hobbes (Not all who wander are lost), a Hawaii Five-0 tat of a tribal turtle that says Ohana, and Ancient writing on my wrist to commemorate Stargate Atlantis (wording as yet undetermined).

Anyhoo, if you're ink!

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I have been remiss about my Happy Things posts. ::hangs head:: My poor, tired brain just can't maintain coherency most days. But I remembered for today, so here are some things I'm grateful for:

  • Kindness from unexpected places. My brother took what was shaping up to be a perfectly crappy Saturday and changed it right around. Thanks, E!

  • SGA fandom. I posted a little gift fic yesterday and I already have so many wonderful comments on it, plus I was fic recced for the first time by [ profile] stargateficrec for that self-same fic. I'm on cloud nine!

  • The kids at the pool yesterday who didn't know my son but played with him anyway, so that I didn't have to. (The water was cold, y'all!)

  • My baby sister, who turned 4 today. She's smart as a whip and despite the myriad health problems she was born with is in fine shape these days. I don't see her much, but she's the kind of kid who'll say on the phone "And how is Joe?" when I talk to her. ::shakes head:: Happy Birthday, Athina!
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This weekend I dusted off my EHD and decided to see if I still remembered how to digi scrap. I do! I crafted three pages over the course of Saturday. One about my boy's first school dance, a lovey-dovey page for me and hubby, and a page all about slash.

As my old scrappy friends could tell you, if I was still in touch with them, I will scrap any topic. My fear of public restrooms? Scrapped it. Hubby's collection of Old Spice personal hygiene products? Scrapped it. My entrée into fan fiction? Scrapped it.

Actually, I've scrapped fan fiction things several times. There's the page I did about my addiction to Hatter from Syfy's Alice miniseries, which is where I started writing fics. There's also a page charting my early days on And a page I did back in November about my OTPs. Not to mention several pages that never got published online that are just gushy fangirl layouts about particular shows.

My latest fic-related page is all about the slash. The journaling is probably a bit rambly. I'm always trying to figure out for myself why I love slash fic so much but I think there must just be an indefinable quality about it that draws me. But here it is, my scrappy ode to slash:

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Just getting back into scrapbooking after over a year and a half. So of course I'm going to scrap something I love - my fandoms! Always one of my favorite tops. Here's what I came up with:


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