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So, I find myself signed up (or planning to sign up) for three writing things that wrap up at various times in December/January. What motivated me to do this, when the writing has been so hard for me lately? Perhaps a need to be part of fun exchanges. Perhaps the desire to have someone write me a thing. Or perhaps I'm just impulsive.

What have I signed up for, you ask? Let me tell you! ::grins::

The Sentinel Big Bang ([ profile] sentinelbigbang) I participated in the Reverse Bang, which wrapped up in June and left me a ball of stress. I swore no more challenges. And yet two weeks later I signed up for this one. But I know why. This fandom is celebrating its 20th anniversary and I want to be a part of that. Now if only I could make progress on my fic. Due date: January 27

Winter In Hawaii. I came across this on Tumblr, and it's being hosted through AO3. I've never participated in a Hawaii Five-0 exchange, and this is the first time this particular one is running. Which is maybe why I'm planning on signing up on the 15th. I could still change my mind...but I probably won't. Due date: December 31

SGA Secret Santa ([ profile] sga_secretsanta) Last year, the wonderful mods who ran [ profile] sga_santa decided to end the exchange after ten long years. I was sad, since it was only my second year participating. But then it was resurrected with a new name and new mods, because the SGA fandom will never die! ::grins:: Of the three challenges, this one makes the most sense because it's the fandom I'm most active in. Sign-ups end on the 13th, if you're interested! Due date: December 1

So, can I get all these done? Who knows. Two jobs, a boy just starting junior high, and my amazing distractibility make me a bit dubious. Not to mention all the WIPs I'm still working on, and the original piece I want to do for submission to an anthology. (Which, gah! Submission deadline is October 1st. I thought it was February. Uh oh.) Well, I'll say this. I dream big. ::rolls eyes::
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So, I just finished watching the documentary FANomenon on Hulu and I'm an emotional wreck.

It's a really cool documentary. It's about fangirls in general, and one in specific - a woman who writes SGA fanfic and is a big John Sheppard fangirl. I didn't expect that to hit me as hard as it did, but I just kept wishing that could be me. Not just getting to meet the actors that brought my favorite characters to life, but meeting some of the people I've gotten really close to online.


In the meantime, you really should watch this. Lots of Joe Flanigan sweetness, and interesting interviews with other scifi actors who weigh in on the fan phenomenon.

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Sharon B-Day

I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Sharon, my very first fic friend and one who had a huge impact on me as a fan fic writer. We met back in the Alice fandom, where I got my start in fan fiction. We shared a mutual love of Hatter and left so many back-and-forth comments on each other's fics that we eventually moved to e-mailing and have been doing that ever since.

Sharon helped me evolve as a fic writer. For example:

  • "I wrote a Sentinel fusion. You don't know what Sentinel is? Well, let me tell you..." (14 fics and all the DVDs later)

  • "I'm writing an NCIS fic. What do you mean, you've never seen the show?" (1 fic and 8 DVD boxed sets later)

  • "Now that you have some Sentinel under your belt, have you read Keira Marcos' Sentinels of Atlantis fic? Wait, you've never heard of Stargate Atlantis?" (10 fics and all the DVDs and some books and some action figures later)

Sharon is also the one that eased me into the world of slash, which as you may know is about all I write these days. And I'd never known about it before I started actively writing fan fic.

So as you can see, I owe Sharon a lot. And she's still my biggest fan. Happy Birthday, babes! All the love!
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I should've been using the notebook a lot more than I have been because it has yielded another fic in the Pleasure Dome series. This one is called The Geneva Accord and is a prequel to the main fic, Crossroads.

Please be advised that John isn't in this fic, since it's a prequel. Also, there's het sex which I haven't written since I left the Alice fandom behind. Consider yourself warned. ::grins::
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My day spent in the notebook has now resulted in a posted fic! You can find Rendezvous on AO3.

This is a new fic in the Pleasure Dome series (the first installment, Crossroads, was written for December's [ profile] sga_santa). A lot of readers had asked for more in this 'verse, which I was certainly open to, but this is the first time my muse got on board as well. Thank you, muse! LOL!
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It doesn't happen often, but yesterday I kept myself off the laptop for a big chunk of the day. In fact, I offered it up willingly to [ profile] bikernurse for the viewing of online streaming of our shows so we could start getting caught up before the end of the season.

For the first time in a long time I hauled out one of my notebooks, got out the lap desk, and wrote longhand. I didn't choose one of my WIPs, for reasons I'm not quite sure about myself, but instead wrote something completely new in an SGA 'verse I'd created for [ profile] sga_santa last December.

There's something immensely satisfying about filling up notebook pages with writing. Maybe because it's more tangible than a Word document. Of course, that high doesn't last through the transcribing process because the page count halves by the time it's all typed up so I try to enjoy it while I can.

Clearly I need to disengage from the interwebs more often. Writing on the laptop can be good, but I don't get a lot done at any one time because I'm e-mailing, chatting, checking random things on Facebook or Pinterest or YouTube, or playing Poppit. Although next time I unplug I'll let my friends know first so they don't think I was abducted by aliens, since I'm normally an online presence most of the day. (Sorry, Sharon and Becc!)

Today's mission: type up the fic I wrote yesterday and then contemplate what else needs to be written long hand. Big Gay Novel, I'm lookin' at you!
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I tell ya, it's just not fair. I try so hard to stay focused, especially now that I'm working under two deadlines - one for SGA Secret Santa and the other for my gal pal, who wants my haunted house fic done and posted by Halloween.

And yet somehow, out of the blue, I get this really awesome SGA bunny that totally took up all my free time last night when I went into research mode. Clearly I need some chemical help to rein my brain in. Is there something out there that's supposed to help with focus? Cause I need some, like yesterday. LOL!

In lieu of good drugs, I will type up my notes and then try to put this bunny out to pasture until I have the time to really play with it.

Maybe it's time to rethink the idea my gal pal and I had ages ago, about setting up a Bunny Preserve for anyone in need of inspiration. do I give up any of my bunnies? I've had some of them so long they're practically family. ::grins::

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Well, last night I got my assignment for the SGA Secret Santa ([ profile] sga_santa). And it's a good one! I went through my WIPs and bunnies and found one that will not only be fun to write, but it fits a bunch of the criteria as well. Win!

Now I just need to convince my muse to get on board. He's pretty scattered these days. But I will meet my deadline, my person will love their fic, and life will be good! Yeah!
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I used to be able to watch my fave TV shows and just enjoy them for what they were. And then I found fan fic. TV viewing has now been ruined for me forever.

The problem is that fan fic writers do a much better job with the characters than the people who created them in the first place. For instance, I was watching the latest ep of Hawaii Five-0 (yes, I'm McDanno all the way!) and wondering why the writers made Danny such a douche bag all the time. He can be so rude, and so derisive. I hate when they write him that way.

I wish my fave shows could pull from the great fics I've read online, or use the rich back stories that fan fic authors have created. It's hard to spend time in these wonderful fics and then go back to the show, where my boys aren't making smoochies and the storylines are lacking. I'll watch an ep of Hawaii Five-0 and think...[ profile] stellarmeadow could've done so much better.

Of course, I can't cut out TV - how else am I going to find new fandoms to get sucked into? Just maybe I need to get a lot of watching under my belt before I turn to fics.
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It wasn't that long ago that I had no idea what slash even was. My first tentative steps into fan fiction started with Trixie Belden fics, where I was a reader only. Then I discovered Syfy's Alice and started reading those fics. And I thought...hmmm. I could do that.

The first fics I ever wrote were Hatter and Alice fics. And the Alice community at was so welcoming and wonderful and active. I got good reviews and more good reviews, and just kept on writing. Through the Alice fics I met the very funny smiles2go, who was also writing in that fandom. She's the one who steered me in the direction of slash.

Smiles is the one who introduced me to the Sentinel fandom, the NCIS fandom, and the Stargate Atlantis fandom. And those fandoms are rife with slash. Turns out...I liked it! Something about male/male relationships really spoke to me. So I branched out, leaving poor Hatter and Alice behind to write John/Rodney, Jim/Blair, DiNozzo/Gibbs and Steve/Danny (I got into Hawaii Five-0 all on my own, LOL!)

The hardest thing about writing slash, for me, is feeling awkward when people ask me about it. It's not something I generally offer up. I'm so lucky that my hubby, who doesn't understand why I have to gay up perfectly good characters, puts up with me and even helps me when I get stuck on plot points.

Now that I'm thinking about trying to get a gay romance published, all I can think is - what am I going to tell my grandparents? LOL! My mom's cool with it, and probably would be even if she wasn't a lesbian. But if my grandparents find out I published something I know my grandma is going to want to read it. Yikes!

Of course, maybe no-one will want to publish my gay romance and all this worry will be for naught. Just have to wait and see I guess.

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