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Has anyone seen my muse? He's fucked off again and taken all my words with him. Please keep an eye out for him. This is what he looks like:

(Yes, that's Toni Collette from United States of Tara.)

Sometimes I wish I could trade Buck in for Bucky (see icon), because I feel like Bucky would be more ruthlessly efficient when it comes to managing the words. Buck just hides somewhere with his booze and his porn and leave me high and dry. Sigh. This is a real problem, since I have challenges I wanted to fill this month and I just can't get anything going.

In family news, my brother finally found a place to live. Whew! His application at my place was denied, which I don't understand because there have been some sketchy people living there and whatever his other faults may be my bro doesn't peddle drugs. But he's super excited about his new place, and showed me some pics when he came over yesterday to borrow my vacuum. (Guess who's getting a vacuum for a housewarming gift?) Hopefully Saturday we can crack open the storage unit and he can take out whatever furniture he wants, help me get the rest of my stuff out, and then it'll just be the ex's crap in there. Goals!

My son had a huge anxiety attack on Sunday night, so I suspect we've cycled back around to that again. Every few months he goes through a bad patch of nightmares, anxiety and paranoia. His counselor would like him to have a full psychological eval, so I'm trying to get that set up. What do you tell a thirteen year old who is crying his eyes out because he's scared of dying and scared there's no happy afterlife? I was really earning my salary on Mother's Day this year, I can tell you that.

Overall things are going well. I've had light schedules at my deli job the last two weeks, which has been super nice. And the weather has been so nice the last two days. Sunshine! I'd almost forgotten what it looked like.

And I do have some fic to share since my last update. If you're interested! ::grins::

List Under Cut )
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So here's something new that's happening at my house. My boy, who will be turning fourteen this year, has made his first forays behind the wheel of my car. He can't get his permit until he's sixteen but here in the country boys learn how to drive early. I'm pretty sure my brother could drive by the time he was eleven.

I'm not taking the boy out on the road, not even the backroads like my dad did with my brother. He's strictly parking lot until he's old enough to legally be on the road, but I figured it was a good time to get him familiarized with how the driving thing works. All this has amounted to so far is him twice parking the car. But look how happy he is!

Right now I'm seeking some tips or advice for teaching someone to drive. This is all new to me, and so far the only criteria I have is that his father doesn't teach him. LOL! He's a terrible driver.

Any thoughts or suggestions, friends?
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Here I am, with a post full of belatedness.

Happy American Thanksgiving! Happy Birthday [ profile] elderwitty! Happy everything else I've missed since my last post. ::grins::

Things have not been going well, friends. My brother is going through a divorce, and not a nice, chill one like mine. He got booted from his house, so he's set up shop on my couch for the unforeseeable future. I love my brother, I do. But not every single day in my tiny apartment. He's also unemployed, so there hasn't been any help with things like groceries, although he's been doing some handyman things and a lot of cooking. (He cooked for me on Thanksgiving because I had to work.)

Even better is that his girlfriend also spends the weekends living on my couch. Too. Many. People. Seriously, my apartment is tiny.

The most immediate fallout from this situation is that my writing has dropped off to almost nothing. I have no quiet time. No alone time. My brother went visiting relatives this past weekend and told me to enjoy the solitude. Which is funny, because I worked all day Friday, was out of the house for my own holiday visiting all day Saturday, and then he was back on Sunday.

Needless to say I'm very worried about my Secret Santa deadline, which is December 7th. I've made almost no progress on it, unless you count restarting it about four or five times. Not good, not good, not good. If anyone has a direct line to the powers that be, please put in a good word for my brother. He needs a job and an apartment that isn't mine. Please and thank you!

But somewhere along the line I did find time to write, so here's my one thing:

Title: Dance With the Devil
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney
Warnings: Murder, dark character, description of a corpse

Prompt: Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, John's the charismatic serial killer who's been terrorizing people all over [east/west coast/state/area] and Rodney's the FBI officer who's been chasing after him.
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Now, how the heck did this happen so fast? How did we go from here:

To here?

My little Boo turns 13 today (officially at 10:17pm). I am the mom of a teenager. I mean, I knew it was coming, but still...whoa. This is a boy who like Xbox games and anime and Maroon 5 and hamburgers, who is already growing facial hair and having his voice change but still likes to cuddle. And oh, the sarcasm! LOL!

Happy Birthday, Xander. You may be taller than me now, but you're still my little Bug!
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It's time for another gratitude post, friends. And I have a lot to be grateful for!

My Son's Health. My boy is big. Tall, but also wide. We met with a Pediatric Endocrinologist last week, to see if he was diabetic or had a thyroid problem. We're still waiting on the results of his bloodwork, but he's not even pre-diabetic (whew!) and the doctor didn't think there was a thyroid issue. Still need to meet with a dietician and get him more active, but I'm still relieved.

My Mom's Visit. My mom came to visit from Florida (I'm in NY) for the first time in about two years. Only five days, which definitely wasn't enough, but I had a great time hanging out with her. We even went apple picking for the first time ever - look how cold she was. LOL!

Baked Goods By Mail. I work at an Occupational Center, one of two that fall under the BOCES that employs me. The other center hired someone new that does part of the job that I do over here, so we chat via IM frequently because she has a lot of questions. In return for my being available, she frequently sends me food through the interoffice mail. Cookies, bread, muffins. Luckily for me she's a stress baker. ::grins:: So thanks, Cali!

Fic Feedback. I wrote nine new ficlets for the Monster Fest on [ profile] ushobwri this month, and I want to thank everyone who read them and left me kudos and comments. Feedback is love and I got tons of it! Thank you!

My Son's Bed. We are finally rid of the bunkbed! That's been a long time coming. Thanks to Joe for bringing over the new bed and doing the installation of that and the take-down of the old bed. It was a big job but my boy loves his new, big bed.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Posts on Tumblr got me curious about this show, which is handily up on Netflix. I thought, what the heck. I'll check out an ep. Ha! I rolled through all three seasons in record time and now I'm bereft because I don't know if there's going to be more. I don't think there will be. It's been a long time since I had a het ship, but I totally have one for Phryne and Jack. So much love! I literally couldn't stop watching that show. If you want a taste, here's the trailer for the first season.

My Surprise Gift Fic. The wonderful Tarlan surprised me with a McShep fic, Ice World, as a way to say thank you to me for leaving comments on her fics. I think this is such a wonderful idea, which I may steal at some point. And the fic was really good - John in danger, Rodney being heroic, feels, and creepy leviathans. All good things!

Life is pretty good at the moment, I have to say. Thanks to everyone who makes my world a better place, in big ways and small. I heart all of you!
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Eleven years ago today I was having the worst day of my life. I was in so much pain and all I did most of the day was cry and beg for drugs. And then it became the best day of my life when after all that suffering my son was born.

Baby Boo 2003

I can't believe he's so old now! He's smart and creative and often quite hilarious. He likes playing Skyrim and watching Seth McFarlane shows and having Pokémon battles. He's polite (with everyone but me, LOL!), swims like a fish, and never met a Lego he didn't like.


I miss those first couple of years, when he was so tiny and everything was so new. But I'm really looking forward to what's coming next. What kind of man will he grow to be? I can't wait to find out!

Happy Birthday, Xander Boo! I love you!
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I'm absolutely not panicking because my husband lost his job. Nope. Not me. Not freaking out at all. I am calm, cool and collected.

Panic photo Panic.gif
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Happy Independence Day to all my American peeps! And all my foreign-born peeps currently living in the USA! Here, have a patriotic pic of my son from back in 2007:

Jun07 FlagDay06

I'm not the most patriotic of Americans, I'll admit that. But I do appreciate living in a country where I don't have to worry about soldiers sweeping through my town with guns, taking my boy away. I don't have to worry that he doesn't have enough to eat, or that he has no available medical care.

There's a lot that's wrong in this country, but today I'm thankful for everything that is right. Now, if only the sun would come out...
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I have been remiss about my Happy Things posts. ::hangs head:: My poor, tired brain just can't maintain coherency most days. But I remembered for today, so here are some things I'm grateful for:

  • Kindness from unexpected places. My brother took what was shaping up to be a perfectly crappy Saturday and changed it right around. Thanks, E!

  • SGA fandom. I posted a little gift fic yesterday and I already have so many wonderful comments on it, plus I was fic recced for the first time by [ profile] stargateficrec for that self-same fic. I'm on cloud nine!

  • The kids at the pool yesterday who didn't know my son but played with him anyway, so that I didn't have to. (The water was cold, y'all!)

  • My baby sister, who turned 4 today. She's smart as a whip and despite the myriad health problems she was born with is in fine shape these days. I don't see her much, but she's the kind of kid who'll say on the phone "And how is Joe?" when I talk to her. ::shakes head:: Happy Birthday, Athina!

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