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For the SGA...Ten Years Later Fest I give you a double drabble of fluffy goodness. ::grins::

This can also be found on AO3. Options! We got 'em!

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I have one drabble under my belt and yesterday I was assaulted by an idea that became my first double drabble. Actually, it was a dream I had the night before and it stuck with me all day until I wrote it down. How is it that these short pieces are angstier than my longer fics? ::shakes head::

Anyhoo, without any further ado here is my H50 double drabble.

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It's been a couple months but I finally finished the next chapter of Making the Best of It, my Hawaii Five-0 high school fic. I need to get the muse in gear. There's only one chapter left now and then this fic will be done, done, done! Then I'll only have one posted WIP to deal with.

Luckily, the [ profile] ushobwri writing group is focusing on WIPs this month, and so the Sentinel vamp fic (Slept So Long) might finally get an update for the first time since August. Fingers crossed!

Of course, while I was driving around town doing the shopping today I had scenes in my head for a fic that's not even supposed to be on my radar. Grrr. Why, muse? Why do you hate me so?

In other news, I challenged myself a couple weeks ago to write a drabble. Something I've never done before because I'm so damn wordy. ::grins:: It was just as hard as I thought it would be, but kind of liberating too. I didn't have to worry about plot or backstory and anything - just that one 100 words.

It's a Stargate Atlantis drabble, based on a prompt from my friend in fics, smiles2go (prompt: Rodney looks in a mirror). And here it is, for your entertainment:

Rodney looked up at the mirror on the ceiling, which was badly in need of cleaning. He saw himself reflected back, John cradled in his arms as he slept fitfully. How long had he waited for this day? He wished the circumstances were different.

The hotel was beyond seedy but it wasn’t like Rodney had a lot of options. They had to lay low, especially while John was still healing.

He made a pained sound and Rodney kissed his forehead.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “I’ve got you.”

The mirror reflected back the love he felt for John, fear and all.

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