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Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'll be on the road headed for Chicago and the Stargate Convention! Woo! I'm so ridiculously excited! Tonight I'll do all the packing. Already cleaned out the car. Sometime today, probably late, the official con schedule should be available so I'll know how to plot out each day. And I have dinner plans all set with [ profile] ride_4ever, which makes me soooo happy! Yay!

I'll be bringing my laptop with me, so I'll try to put some updates up over the weekend and share all my fangirl squeeing with my flist. ::grins::

In writing news...there hasn't been much. Either my muse has gone ahead to Chicago, or he's just off on a bender somewhere not caring that I have all these projects I need to finish. Typical Buck. But I do have a couple three fics to share, if you're interested.

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16 days! 16 days till I'm in Chicago embarrassing myself at the Stargate Convention. ::grins:: I need to print out my registration ticket and my two photo op tickets (I'll be sure to post the pics of me sobbing all over JFlan and DHew).

Making the drive to Chi-Town with my boy, my ex and my ex's girlfriend. Yes, I know that's weird. Even better? Finances took a turn, so we're all sharing a room. And possibly living off power bars. ::shakes head:: But I don't care, cause...convention! My first one! I'm ridiculously excited. I ordered a shirt that says 'Keep Calm, McKay Will Fix It' and should be coming in the mail any day now.

Hoping to meet some peeps while I'm there. Once I get the official con schedule, I can let [ profile] ride_4ever know because we already have plans to get together. So excited!! Hee!

In fic news, here are my latest offerings. I was hoping to have more, but words have been eluding me for the last few days.

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My fondest hope has come true! David Hewlett will also be attending the Stargate Convention in September! I will be sharing the same space with McShep! ::dies:: When I got the news (thank you, [ profile] squidgiepdx!) I literally ran around my house like a ridiculous, screaming thing. LOL!

I just bought my photo op ticket, so I'll get one with him and one with Joe Flanigan. They haven't announced a group photo for anyone but Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks, but I would totally buy one of those for JFlan and DHew.

It's all coming together! So much yay! And they keep adding people. David Nykl will be there, too, and I'd love to see him have some stage time with DHew.

Until September rolls around, I will keep stashing money away and refining plans and making sure my ex has that time off of work since he's driving us to Chicago. (That's another story, involving a bizarre family vacation with him and his girlfriend.)

The only thing that will make this con better is meeting some SGA peeps. I WANT TO MEET YOU! LOL! Even though everyone I've asked so far isn't going. ::pouts:: If you are going, let me know! ([ profile] ride_4ever), I will definitely see you while I'm there!
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Guess who just bought her tickets for the Stargate Convention in Chicago? This chick!

I'm so excited! And since it's my very first con (not counting the Xena/Hercules con in 1999 because that was my mom's deal) I treated myself to a silver ticket, which gets me in to almost everything. Woo!

I purchased my photo op ticket with Mr. Joe Flanigan months ago. So I'm all set, at least until they announce that David Hewlett is going to attend (please, oh please!).

I'm so excited!! Gah! ::runs around in circles::
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OMG, friends, I'm having the best Friday!

I got a notice first thing this morning that RavenclawProngs had gifted me an SGA fic on AO3! It's called Things Mssrs. Sheppard and McKay Are No Longer Allowed to Do. It's not finished yet, but what's up so far is hilarious! This is exactly the kind of thing I'd expect from the boys once they're old enough to be in assisted living.

As if that wasn't awesome enough, I also got a comment on one of my older Sentinel fics, Sentinel Summer Camp. The commenter, Bonanza, liked my fic so much she made art for it! Look at it! Look how adorable it is!

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Lastly, I went ahead and bought my photo op with Joe Flanigan for next year's Stargate con, since I had the extra money this week. There's no turning back now! LOL! Hopefully the registration tickets I can afford won't go on sale until after the holidays. ::fingers crossed::

Friday the 13th unlucky? Not for this girl! ::grins::
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The official word has gone out for the Stargate con in Chicago!

According to the site, it's the last one ever. No more reprieves. So I'm going to do my best to get there, and have the last Stargate con be my first one ever. ::grins::

Is anyone on my flist going? ::puppy dog eyes:: I'd love to meet up with...well, anyone! LOL! COME PLAY STARGATE WITH ME!!

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