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The next round of [ profile] hc_bingo has started and I got my card today. Woo! Bring on the h/c!

falsely imprisoned abuse coma cursed heart attack / heart trouble
deals with demons explosion branding hostile climate humiliation
fever / delirium bullet wounds WILD CARD restrained deadline / time bomb
loss of voice / forced silence nausea loss of identity near death experience abandonment issues
septicemia / infected wounds dystopia loss of possessions culture shock pneumonia
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Click the picture for more information!

Am I participating in this? You bet your sweet bippy I am! Sign-ups start May 15th, and if you're interested in checking out or leaving some prompts, you can do so here.
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I was hoping to have finished my WIP last month, but alas the muse has hit yet another stumbling block. But thanks to the Plot Bunny Dust-Off Challenge I made a lot of progress on it. I added 3720 new words to the fic, and finished up a couple of scenes. I'm inches away from the finish!

Thank you, [ profile] melagan, for motivating me to throw more words at my WIP! With any luck I can get it finished this month. ::fingers crossed::
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Hello, friends! I haven't been very good about updating, so let's see what needs to be covered.

First off, the Great Exodus to DW. I've been backing up my journal there but I have no plans for a permanent move at this time. LJ is my comfort zone and as long as it remains as such I'm in it to win it. [ profile] ushobwri is going to make the move as of May 1st after a members vote, and [ profile] whatif_au will be mirrored on both sites. So I've got a little bit of everything going on as far as moving goes.

In writing news I've been busily working on a long-standing WIP as part of [ profile] melagan's Plot Bunny Dust-Off challenge. Not sure I'll get it finished by the end of the month but I've added two new scenes and I know what's coming next so that's a definite improvement.

I'll also be dusting off an even older bunny for next month's AU theme at [ profile] whatif_au. It's at least five years old, maybe a little older, and the whole story is plotted out, characters are fleshed out, and maps have been drawn. Which is probably why I never wrote the thing. But I'm determined to do something with it. Determined, I say!

Trying to plan something for [ profile] mmom next month. I have a vague idea of some naughty sexytimes that could happen. May is also when [ profile] ushobwri does the New Frontiers challenge, and so I need to think of something I haven't written. Last year I did a poem.

As you can see there's still lots to do. And still not much time to do it all in. ::shakes head::

But I do have some fic to share, if you're interested:

List Under Cut )
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It's official! The Merry Month of Masturbation ([ profile] mmom) is kicking off again in May! Woo!

I don't have it in me to write something for each day of the month, but I usually try to craft at least one really good fic for it each year. So if you don't mind taking things "in hand" you should definitely participate. Or at least tune in to read all the good fic that'll be rolling in. ::grins::

And if anyone's interested in my previous offerings, here they are: Pieces of You (SGA) and Someone's Watching (H50).

(I was going to look for a sexy pic to add to this post and thought that might not be the best thing to be doing at work. LOL! But just imagine I had one, okay?)
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In non-writing topics, I have used up this year's tax return. That didn't take long, I know. And while I did get some things I didn't need, like DVDs, I also got some clothes for me and the boy, new pots and pans, four new tires for my car, and new glasses for the both of us. Plus I paid off a medical bill and paid off the storage unit. I stretched that money as far as I could!

Luckily I get an extra paycheck this month from first job, so I can put that money away for vacation in July. And get Ms. Barry fixed before she goes into heat a third time. ::shakes head::

In school news, my son is finally passing math! First time this year. I'm very excited. He also asked me to buy him books, which never happens because he hates reading. Fortuitously, the latest book report he did (using a book off the approved list) sucked him into the Ranger's Apprentice series, which he discovered he liked. So much so that he actually read the whole book before he did his report (also a first this year). I'm so happy to buy him books! The first three in the series should be arriving today.

He was also nominated by his math teacher for a week-long STEM workshop, which sounds amazing but unfortunately is so far beyond our financial means it isn't funny. Also, my boy inherited my social anxiety, so he didn't want to go even though they're doing some cool stuff. Still, it's awesome that his math teacher (you know, that class he's been failing all year) thinks he has the stuff for the workshop.

In writing news, I was struggling for a while. No words, no progress being made. But I think I've finally turned a corner. I met several of my deadlines, though the last one is giving me ridiculous amounts of trouble. I'm feeling confident in the writing, though, and that's the main thing.

If you want to see what I've been up to, here's the list!

List Under Cut )
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There are some things happening around LJ, friends, that I thought I'd bring to your attention if you didn't already know.

[ profile] romancingmcshep is kicking off the annual John and Rodney Romance Fest, for those of you in the SGA fandom. Right now the call for prompts has gone out. Cut-off for prompts is January 16th and fics are due the end of February. You DON'T need to use a prompt for your story, but you do need to make sure it has a happy ending. Cause romance, ya'll. ::grins::

[ profile] picfor1000 is underway with sign-ups. You have till the end of the month to let the mod know you want to participate, and stories are due March 31st. This is for any fandom, or original fic. Once sign-ups are done, you'll be assigned a picture and you have to use that as a jumping-off point for your fic, even if the finished product has almost nothing to do with the picture. It's all about inspiration. Oh, and the finished work has to be exactly 1k.

[ profile] sdwolfpup will be continuing to host the annual More Joy Day. There's a poll up regarding dates, but it looks like the popular vote wants posting to be on January 20th, the date of the US presidential inauguration. We'll definitely need some joy that day. More Joy Day is pretty simple. You do something nice for someone, be they friend or complete stranger. For me this usually means gifting a fic, but it can also mean paying for the person behind you in line for coffee, or holding open a door, or telling someone that you think they're a great person. Spread the joy!

[ profile] logansgirl_2001 is going to be starting a regular Pride Post on Monday. This will be a place to talk about good things you've done, seen, watched, etc. Promoting good feelings and pride in our own accomplishments is a very worthy cause.

For general writerly support, I'd recommend [ profile] ushobwri. Every Friday is a workshop day, where you can share snippets of your work for feedback. And coming up in February is the annual WIPed Into Shape event, where the goal is to motivate each other to get at least one WIP finished. Or at least make progress towards that goal, because that's a pretty laid-back comm. All the support, none of the pressure. ::grins::

And if you're looking for prompts to help kick your muse into gear, may I suggest:

[ profile] comment_fic

[ profile] fan_flashworks

[ profile] story_works

[ profile] fffc

Let me know if there's something good that I missed!
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First of all, I need to report that I saw Star Trek: Beyond this weekend. And I have nothing but love for it. Seriously, Simon Pegg needs to write every Star Trek movie until the end of time. There were call backs to possibly every Star Trek 'verse, each character had their time to shine, and there was Beastie Boys music. Need I say more? ::grins::

I have also, against my better judgement, signed up for a couple of writing things. Even though my track record of meeting deadlines and completing challenges this year has been pretty dismal. But this time around I have [ profile] nagi_schwarz at my virtual side to help motivate me, since she signed up for both challenges, too. I'll be doing the Conspiracy Theory challenge at [ profile] story_works (Nagi and I have a really cool idea for companion fics) and the [ profile] sgareversebang. Fingers crossed that I'll be super deadline girl this time around!

I have the worst possible schedule for second job this week, but I had the whole weekend off and yesterday I was writing like a woman possessed! LOL! I finished a long-ish thing, which still needs editing and betaing, but I clocked in over 4.5k words just yesterday. Woo! Some of that was on the fic I'm writing with [ profile] darkmoore, so yay for progress!

And I did share some fic after my last post, so here are the links:

Links Under Cut )
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So, I managed to finish both the [ profile] sga_secretsanta and Winter In Hawaii challenges, and on time! Whew!

Naturally, this means it's time to sign up for more. ::grins::

So I'm fully on board for [ profile] picfor1000, which I participated in for the first time last year. It was a really good experience, so I'm looking forward to the next round.

It's also time again for [ profile] romancingmcshep. Woot! I didn't think I'd be able to participate this year, but the fic gods smiled upon me and changed the [ profile] sentinelbigbang deadline.

By golly, I can do it all! And I will! ::laughs maniacally::

Romance McShep banner1 by selenic
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Why is parenting so haaaaard? None of this was listed in the brochure when I signed up. My son is going through a bullying thing right now at his school. There's a new student in his class that is terrorizing the entire seventh grade, and some of the 8th and 9th graders as well. I'm of the opinion that this kid shouldn't be in regular ed, but he's not classified and the school is seemingly taking their time making anything happen. Meanwhile, my son called me from school yesterday in tears begging to come home and he's taking a mental health day today.

My boy scheduled an appointment with the school superintendent for tomorrow, where he will present his issues, and those of his fellow classmates - he collected written statements. A very mature and unexpected response. I'd love it if something good resulted from that meeting, but I have my doubts. Right now it's a very hostile school environment and I don't have many options available to me. I certainly can't keep him home every day, and I can't afford to move to a different school district.

It's a struggle. My ex is going to step in pretty soon, which will probably get him banned from the school. Sigh.

In writing news, I'm toiling away on my Winter In Hawaii fic which has been slow going. No matter how many eps of H50 I watch I just can't seem to get in that headspace. All my fic brain wants to do is write SGA, nothing but SGA, forever and ever SGA. Not helpful. I'd love to get it finished this weekend, so my beta has plenty of time to make it pretty, but we'll see how well that actually goes when there's also cookies to be made and house cleaning to be done and Christmas shopping to finish and Christmas movies to watch. Why did I think a December challenge was a good idea?

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! Unprecedented. But my budget being what it is, I got started back in October because it worked out that we got an extra paycheck that month from first job. I placed my final Amazon order on Tuesday, and now it's just a few odds and ends that I have to pick up out in town. I'm feeling good about the gifts I've purchased for everyone, most of which are already wrapped and under my tiny little tree.

Woefully behind on my Christmas movie viewing, though. Hard to fit that in with the writing I need to do, but I'm determined not to miss a single incredulity-straining moment of holiday fluff. ::grins::

I guess that's it for now, flisty friends. Thanks for listening to me whine. I hope everyone is having a really good December, and enjoying whatever holiday(s) you may be celebrating. ::hugs for all::
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So, I find myself signed up (or planning to sign up) for three writing things that wrap up at various times in December/January. What motivated me to do this, when the writing has been so hard for me lately? Perhaps a need to be part of fun exchanges. Perhaps the desire to have someone write me a thing. Or perhaps I'm just impulsive.

What have I signed up for, you ask? Let me tell you! ::grins::

The Sentinel Big Bang ([ profile] sentinelbigbang) I participated in the Reverse Bang, which wrapped up in June and left me a ball of stress. I swore no more challenges. And yet two weeks later I signed up for this one. But I know why. This fandom is celebrating its 20th anniversary and I want to be a part of that. Now if only I could make progress on my fic. Due date: January 27

Winter In Hawaii. I came across this on Tumblr, and it's being hosted through AO3. I've never participated in a Hawaii Five-0 exchange, and this is the first time this particular one is running. Which is maybe why I'm planning on signing up on the 15th. I could still change my mind...but I probably won't. Due date: December 31

SGA Secret Santa ([ profile] sga_secretsanta) Last year, the wonderful mods who ran [ profile] sga_santa decided to end the exchange after ten long years. I was sad, since it was only my second year participating. But then it was resurrected with a new name and new mods, because the SGA fandom will never die! ::grins:: Of the three challenges, this one makes the most sense because it's the fandom I'm most active in. Sign-ups end on the 13th, if you're interested! Due date: December 1

So, can I get all these done? Who knows. Two jobs, a boy just starting junior high, and my amazing distractibility make me a bit dubious. Not to mention all the WIPs I'm still working on, and the original piece I want to do for submission to an anthology. (Which, gah! Submission deadline is October 1st. I thought it was February. Uh oh.) Well, I'll say this. I dream big. ::rolls eyes::
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Hey, look what I wrote for the Merry Month of Masturbation ([ profile] mmom)! My first time writing for this challenge. I was certainly inspired. ::grins::

Title: Pieces of You
Author: [ profile] brumeier
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Rating: Explicit

Summary: John pulls his fantasies from everyday life, particularly his interactions with the smartest man in two galaxies.
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Hey, look what's happening this month over at [ profile] ushobwri:

New Frontiers Challenge photo New Frontiers Challenge.jpg

We're "springing" out of our comfort zones and writing drabbles/ficlets/whatevs that will challenge us to think outside the usual fic boxes we find ourselves in.

Sounds like fun, right? ::grins:: Come on over and play with us! The challenge starts today and posting will take place on May 29th. Tell 'em Bru sent you!
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So, I never posted links to my last four fics. I blame this on holidays and exhaustion and general slacker-ness. If you're interested, here are the latest fics I've posted:

Title: Christmas Angel
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Fluffy Christmas Schmoop

Summary: A gift from Rodney's past has unexpected repercussions on his future.

Title: Danny Makes A Move
Fandom: H50
Pairing: Danny/Steve
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Fluffy New Year's Schmoop

Summary: Danny gets tired of waiting for Steve to make the first move.

Title: Two Guys Walk Into A Bank
Fandom: SGA AU
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: Teen and Up
Written For: [ profile] sga_santa and to fill the Caught in a Robbery square for [ profile] hc_bingo

Summary: Rodney had no idea that a simple trip to the bank would take such an unexpected turn.

Title: Between Floors
Fandom: H50
Pairing: Steve & Danny, Gen
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Claustrophobia, supernatural elements
Written For: [ profile] picfor1000, inspired by this photo

Summary: A routine investigation goes somewhere completely unexpected.
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Another year could that possibly be?? Now here it is, the first hours of 2015 and I'm ready to look back at the year.

Regarding Writing

Wow, I was really productive this year! This is the first year I kept track but I'm pleased with the bottom line.

  • Fics posted: 33 (including an H50 triple drabble shortly before midnight called Danny Makes A Move)

  • Posted words: 256,697

  • I completed the [ profile] intoabar challenge and the [ profile] sga_santa exchange.

  • Started converting my fic Sight Unseen into an original novel.

  • Signed up for [ profile] hc_bingo, though I've only gotten one fic done for it. Hello, amnesty!

Regarding Fandom

  • I participated in Slash Madness at The Backlot and helped McShep finish third. Woo!

  • Started hanging out and posting random fandom stuff on Tumblr

  • Got myself John and Rodney action figures, and the delightful [ profile] taste_is_sweet hooked me up with Teyla for Christmas.

Regarding My Life

  • Separated from my husband of 13 years (I'm surprisingly okay with that.)

  • Came the personal realization that I'm asexual (Hi! Coming out!)

  • Strengthened my friendships with my online friends, who are the awesomest people ever!

Not a bad year, all things considered. What I'm mostly looking forward to in 2015 is some financial stability. And for the fic words to keep on flowing. Happy New Year, flisters! ::hugs::

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