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As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I want to send Birthday Greetings to [ profile] selenic76. She is a delightful human being on every level and I'm so pleased to count her among my fic friends! Happy Birthday, Selenic! I hope you had a great day!

In other news, fic writing has happened. In addition to filling some prompts at [ profile] comment_fic, I've also started participating in the [ profile] mcsheplets prompt community. All the prompts! LOL! I'm also throwing some words at my [ profile] romancingmcshep fic and my [ profile] sgareversebang. Deadlines loom!

Here's what I've posted since my last update:

Title: Smart People On Ice
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Real Genius
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney, Mitch Taylor
Warnings: aftermath of drunken shenanigans

Prompt: McSheplet's prompt: Invitation

Accepting the invitation to Pacific Tech's Centennial Celebration was the last thing Rodney wanted to do. On the other hand, Chris Knight's usual brand of intrusive mayhem worked very well in Rodney's favor.

Title: Never Gonna Happen
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney
Warnings: takes place during The Shrine, so...feels
Challenge: Cuddles for Comfort 2017

Prompts: Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, comforting each other and the McSheplet's prompt: denial

In which Rodney and John attempt to comfort each other while Rodney suffers through Second Childhood.

Title: Helpless
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Series: That McShep Boy
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney, Carson, AJ
Warnings: child hospitalization

Prompt: Stargate Multiverse, Any, Having a child is living with your heart outside your chest.

In which Rodney and John have to deal with AJ being rushed to the infirmary.

Title: 13 Weeks
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McShep
Characters: John, Rodney
Warnings: miscarriage, grief, too many feels and I'm sorry

Prompt: any, any, losing a baby

In which the author completely bums herself out by filling this prompt, and inflicts even more angst on John and Rodney from her fic Running On Empty. (Shouldn't need to read the original story to understand this.)

Date: 2017-01-26 02:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your writing has been phenomenal as of late. Go you!

Ah. McSheplets. I'm so tempted. But I don't think I have the energy for it...

Date: 2017-01-26 02:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you!

The thing about McSheplets is that it's a one-word prompt, and can be combined with literally any other thing. I combined that prompt with a comment fic prompt, and worked it all into a cuddling challenge. All the birds with one stone! LOL!

Date: 2017-01-27 09:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aw, thank you so much! *smishes you* You're so sweet ^_^

I had a really lovely day, spent it with the bf ^_^

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